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2019 NCAA Super Regional Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by GoFrog Yourself, Jun 7, 2019.

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    UCLA takes a 5-4 lead in the 12th after Michigan commits its 5th error of the game. They didn’t commit an error in the first 8 innings.

    UCLA holds on to force a rubber match
  2. Keith Law going to comment on a freshman throwing 131 pitches? Don’t think it fits into his narrative since I’ve seen him support Vandy before
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  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if FSU wins that sr and goes to Omaha for martins swan song. They’re playing inspired ball.
  4. He commented, but never mentioned Vanderbilt or the kid’s name.

  5. Because he doesn’t want David Price ripping him a new one
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  6. It’s like watching 2019 Frog baseball all over again...We got the Frog bullpen in the Okie Lite v Tech game and the Frog D in the UCLA v Michigan game.
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  7. That would be a special memory for a college pitcher 25 years from now. "I had a no-hitter going into the 9th, but my pitch count hit 120, so Coach Corbin pulled me. Better safe than sorry."
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  8. His reaction to it all is the best.

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  9. What are you saying is dumb? Not talking about a no hitter?
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    UNC forces a Game 3.

    Vandy’s lead off hitter hits a HR in the 1st. 1-0

    An eventful 1st inning in Fayetteville. Arkansas gets a 2-run homer in their half. Ole Miss proceeds to hit a 3-run homer. 3-2 after 1 inning.

    Vandy, still in the 1st, hits another homer. 3 runs score. 4-0.

    Ole Miss jumping all over the Pigs. 8-2 now in the 2nd
  11. ARK trails Ole Miss 8-5 heading to B5.
    With 2 outs & runners on 2nd & 3rd, Zach Plunkett pinch hits, but Ks.
    (Volume off so not sure if he was announced as "TCU transfer Zach Plunkett." )
  12. No-hitter superstition may not be rooted so much in superstition as it is based on real-life psychology. The “incubation effect” for instance could be used as an explanation for the ritual of isolating the pitcher in a late inning no hit bid. The break or isolation, gives the mind time to focus in on the task or routine ahead. Not speaking of it in general could be an extension of the effect to those directly involved. Mentioning a no hit bid on the news ticker or on the broadcast doesn’t involve the participants involved in the mental, (pitch calls) and physical battle. Bringing it into question with a direct participant could alter their mental focus and approach, not to mention the bad-taste of the person broaching the subject for monetary purposes (ie: ESPN’s KH) and in direct conflict with polite behavior and convention.
  13. Not unless Schloss is the new Vandy coach
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  14. You typed many words.
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  15. The superstition involving talking about no hitters is absurdly dumb. I’ll make an exception for someone walking right up to the pitcher and saying “you have a no hitter”. Anything beyond that........ dumb.
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  16. The most knowledgeable and passionate fans in baseball history are leaving in the 7th inning
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  17. Agree to disagree. Baseball is a game steeped in superstition, including pitchers stepping over the baselines on the way on and off the field, rally caps, and no hitter talk.
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  18. Scores of young people everywhere tune into baseball games to see players stepping over white chalk and hear commentators not talk about no hitters. Baseball superstitions are exhilarating.
  19. Pokes take a 2-run lead over Tech in the 8th
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  20. anyone remember the old superstition regarding bats being tossed on the ground and two of them winding up getting crossed? I've seen guys almost hurt themselves running to get those bats uncrossed.\

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