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2019 NCAA Super Regional Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by GoFrog Yourself, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. Sucks the frogs aren’t playing but still some great baseball this weekend.

    Louisville ECU just started

    Tech hosts the Pokes starting at 2

    Vandy hosts Duke at 5

    UCLA hosts Michigan at 8

    Saturday starts:

    Arky hosts Ole Miss at 11am

    UNC hosts Auburn at 11am

    Miss State hosts Stanford at 2pm

    LSU hosts FSU at 2pm
  2. Amazing how far FSU has gotten, they weren’t supposed to be that good this year.
  3. Louisville the early favorite for “Most Punchable Players and Fanbase” award
  4. Oh, LSU plays tomorrow.
  5. I can deal with the Cajuns. They at least know how to tailgate
  6. Louisville up big, OSU and Tech getting started. Raiders have a freshman on the mound
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    Rangers 1st round pick hits a solo shot on the first pitch in the 7th. Tech leads 7-5.

    Tech wins 8-6
  8. Duke takes a 6-2 lead over Vandy in the 3rd.

    scheiss Vandy’s uniforms, their artificial field, and their whistler.
  9. Yes and their players dance around on 2nd base like a bunch of Kansas City —— after a double in the 2nd inning.
  10. It would have been nice to see these teams play a game or two in Stillwater or some neutral site this season.
  11. Do you think if Oklahoma St. hadn’t won the Big 12 tournament, they’d still match up with Tech in the Supers?
  12. Probably not.
  13. Was listening to Duke and Vandy on the way home via XM and Duke scored 10 runs in the 8th.
  14. That’s some cruel irony for them. They were trying to get a national seed and end up moving up to play a conference foe that’s beaten them 7 straight times, 8 counting today.
  15. Yep. Watching it go to B9 with “last four in” Duke up 18-5. This after “last four in” Michigan beat UCLA 3-2
  16. And those aren’t even Vandy’s worst uniforms.
  17. Correct. I just don't get it. I don't think it's because I'm an old because my son and all of his buddies think the Vandy uniforms are ugly (and they think the same about Louisville).
  18. Arkansas batted 8 and scored 4 in the first. What our pitching staff was able to do in 2 games against them was pretty remarkable.
  19. Arky pouring it on 10-1

    Lville pummeling ECaro- series never was competitive
  20. Hope kaylee Hartung isn’t working the Louisville game
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