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2019 MLB Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by FBallFan123, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Well, it did take a perfect relay to get him. But, yes, down three runs it wasn't the wisest of moves. Pettis has always been agressniff. Drove me nuts at times with Texas. Seemed like he was always getting Kinsler thrown out at 3rd.
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  2. He did have 50 walks this year! And his OBP was nearly 80 points higher than his average.
  3. Because he should have been safe?
  4. pettis the 3rd base coach is very, very aggressive.

    i will say the cut off throw was perfect and i think that is a big part of the astros thinking. took great execution to make the relays and they try to force mistakes.
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  5. He stinks.

  6. 28 other teams probably don’t throw him out.
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  7. The whole team looked lazy and half-disinterested yesterday. That game felt like it was over with 6 innings left and we were only down 3 runs.

    We caught some bad breaks and it could’ve easily been a different outcome (or at least a lot closer) but I didn’t like the energy on the field. It felt like we were facing Randy Johnson in his prime with Pedro Martinez coming out of the pen.
  8. Thought this was gonna be a commentary on the ISU game at first.
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  9. not a scout or anything but i would guess the guy who made the relay throw would be graded for a plus throwing arm
  10. That Verlander decision was bad juju. He had nothin from the very start. Sort of crazy that he went for that instead of just wanting the ball for a potential Game 5.
  11. Yep.

    The Rays could be even better next season when Wander Franco joins Willy Adames up the middle defensively, and their pitching staff presumably gets healthier.
  12. Both Kiermeir and Adames are top 3 defenders at their position in all of MLB.
  13. The opposite of Steve Bartman….

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  14. baseball and network would love a world series of st louis vs tampa bay
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  15. But he was 2nd in the AL with 9 caught stealings.
  16. Strasburg v. Buehler should be great tonight.

    Will be interesting to see what happens when this game gets into bullpens, and how early/often Martinez and Roberts go to them.

  17. You should change your name to BseBallFan123.

    Thanks for posting all the tweets and everything else. I'm stuck working nights for awhile and can't keep up with the playoffs the way I usually do. I can just jump on here alot of times and get caught up on things.
  18. What do you do?

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