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2019 Football Regular Season Predictions

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Volare, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. I don’t teally get it either. Fearing Iowa State is basically saying they have a better coach because they don’t recruit better players. Are they closer? Sure. But I will still take GP over what’s his name.
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  2. This is our year.

    Ten wins.
  3. Campbell is a very good coach and they have a returning QB who was exceptional as a Freshman. In addition they get us at home, have 9 starters returning on what was a very good defense...Lot of reasons to think we lose that game..ISU is in much better shape as a program then they have been at any point in our time in the B12
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  4. 2 non-wins--Norman and Lubbock
  5. Also: lost starting RB and WR to draft. Lost to one of the worst TCU teams in a long time last year. TCU defense was better last year and can expect to be this year as well.

    Are they good? Yes, but TCU has every bit as good of a coach (better) and better players top to bottom. I won’t fear them until they give me a reason to do so. It will be a tough game but they aren’t on my list of expected losses.
  6. So are you saying that Texas is one of the 5? I think we bring everything to that home game and win that one
  7. Not sold on Jim Knowles being a great DC to handle the B12. Mediocre defense from last year loses most of DL. Weak LB group.

    Their QB options are head scratching. Hawaii transfer (was eligible) wasn’t good enough to play last year, but is neck and neck with a RS FR. Sure, they have a great #1 WR and solid OL, but we should know how damaging poor QB play is.

    offense that will have to rely on the run combined with an unimpressive defense. TTU and Baylor should beat them straight up.

    Toss-up for who win WVU / OKST

    I think the new OC will do well and 2020 is definitely a better year for them. They could be a 10 win team or better during 2020
  8. Really.jpg
  9. I think you should have 4 tiers. Tier 4 should disappear as I think Texas and OSU belong in Tier 3. I'd also drop Baylor to Tier 5. Darn Baylor.
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  10. Replacements 3.jpg
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  11. Should be a good game and you didn’t say who you thought we’d lose to next year...

    To your coaching point...We lost last year to a lot of teams who don’t have GP level coaching..and at least 3 with less talent. Also, ISU hadn’t made the QB change when we barely beat them in FTW.

    Of course we can win that game but to say it makes no since for someone to predict a loss in Ames this year is foolish...
  12. I’m not going to fear them. That’s all I’m saying. I could be wrong. You and anyone else are free to fear them.
  13. Also, I think we will lose OU and someone we shouldn’t. It happens. Winning 10 games is hard to do.
  14. Historically, have we / KFC always predicted 1 to 3 losses a majority of the time?

    The # of correct guesses seems to be unbelievably low.
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  15. I want to say 11-1 but will go with 10-2. Always hoping for more but I just don’t have enough confidence in quarterbacks. Defense and good enough offense to win most.
  16. QB is not a concern for me, someone is rising to the top. WR is a plus.... can't understand the concern. RB will be fine when Sewo comes back from suspension. OL will be very serviceable. And the entire defense is awesome.

    9-3. I wasn't this optimistic until about an hour ago.

    (Originally posted in the wrong thread. What a dumbass.)
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  17. 10-2
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