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2019 Football Regular Season Predictions

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Volare, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. With baseball in the rear view mirror, it's about time to get the 2019 Football Regular Season Thread fired up.

    If you've been around here for a while, you know how this works, but it is always amazing how many people can screw this up. This is a REGULAR SEASON prediction, so your numbers should add to TWELVE. 6-6 works, as does 12-0, or 0-12.

    As usual, a spreadsheet will be created.
    You will be labeled either a homer or a troll by your fellow posters.
    Winners get the glory of demonstrating their superior prognostication. (And this year will be highlighted on the spreadsheet.)

    Previous Results:

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  2. Ron Swanson in quick with the first prediction!
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  3. scheiss it, I am an optimist. Defense and run game will lead us to a 12-1 season and take the pressure off the QB who will just need to manage the game

    UAPB - W 70-0
    @ Purdue - W 27-17
    SMU - W 42-10
    Kansas - W 38-7
    @ Iowa State - W 24-21
    @ Kansas State - W 27-13
    Texas - W 27-24
    @ Oklahoma State - W 31-30
    Baylor - W 38-21
    @ Texas Tech - W 28-17
    @ Oklahoma - L 41-30
    West Virginia - W 37-21

    vs. Oklahoma - W 35-34
  4. 12 12 12 12 12 12
  5. That would be a welcome departure from our traditional experience with KU
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  6. 11-1.

    Lose to OU in Norman.

    Beat them in the Big 12 Championship.

    Playoff bound.
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  7. Beat them 43-0 last time in FW.
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  8. 10-2. Drop one in the road as ISU and at OU. Play in the big 12 champion game and win it against UT.
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  9. So I need to break this down

    - High Probability W’s = APB, Purd, SMU, KU, KSU, WVU,

    - Toss Ups = TT, UT, Ok St, Baylor

    - Losses - ISU, OU

    This is tough but I think we win 3 of those Toss Up games but lose to both ISU and OU which will be road games..

    I’ll take 9-3

    Can I change my mind once I see who’s healthy when conference starts...
  10. Unless a qb emerges immediately and never loses his role.... 7-5

    Too many offensive questions and who are our DEs?
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  11. Bunch of candy asses (you, not the team)

  12. I'll throw in my yearly ridiculousness. 15-0 national champs
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  13. 15-0
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  14. Question marks at qb, and now rb. Plus kicker. Not sold on receivers outside of #1. I'm usually too much of an optimist. But I see road losses at Norman and Ames. I'd love 10-2 but put me down for 8-4 and hope I'm wrong.

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