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2019 Football Class- Lets Hear your thoughts

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Yep, I have a wait and see attitude this time. Looked like way too much confusion from the offensive staff last year. Had difficulty moving from plan A to B, to C. GP has stated many times, it's a 2 year look before he makes significant decisions regarding staff. This could be a benchmark year in that regard. Not going to make CFP with the offensive mindset we presently have, or did have.
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    Taye did show signs … from what we heard about him in the Spring last year, think some were thinking/hoping for a little more. But this could be his break out year. There are several other WRs that could do the same.
  3. This puts a lot of pressure on Thomsen, as the way the OL goes is pretty much the way one of our 4 QBs, who wins the job, will look for the year. My bet is he gets it done... he's done it before.
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  4. Think Cumbie’s probably feeling a little more pressure than Thomsen, but just my opinion.
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  5. If another WR is going to break out opposite Reagor then we have to construct an offense that at least tries to push the ball down field on the side of the field opposite Reagor. We have been so right handed over the years it’s unreal. We find a guy we like and place him on the right side and force feed him the ball.
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    Delton appears to have the take-charge leadership skills you want in a qb. I question whether he has the passing ability we want. He has a big windup in the video I've seen, and still doesn't seem to have a lot of heat. jmo I hope he surprises me, or Collins or Rogers come back healthy and strong and super perform. Not to leave Duggan out. But ... true freshman.
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  7. The OL should look good this coming year giving 6 of the top 8 lineman return including starters at every position...What is tough to swallow is how bad we look from year to year when we have to rebuild. We really need Meyers, Kelton, and Wes Harris all to be make drastic steps forward and be beast. If the only thing we ever get out of RFR and Sophs OL is a warm body then the line is going to drastically suck every other year. I know young OL players need time to grow but I think having a guy you can count on as a Soph isn’t expecting to much. At that point most have been in the program for 2 years. We need to build quality talent and depth and hope that we can hit on a young guy who can turn into an all conference type early..
  8. I'm way more worried about QB and WRs than I am the line. While I'm not sold on Thomsen like some seem to be, we've gotten decent line play IMO, better than people give them credit for, but the guys (players and coaches) responsible for throwing and catching the ball have a real hard time taking advantage of anything.

    I'm sure there's one out there somewhere but I can't imagine there's a coordinator with more on the line this year than Cumbie. He HAS to have a good year or his career will take a major step back next year.
  9. Up and at’em its Adam Plant!

  10. One of the all-around best group of paper tigers we've had in a while, IMO.
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  11. Too tall for DT
  12. I'm thinking the same. Stars here, stars there and I'm sure at some point they mean something but when you have defensive ends like Hughes, Boesen. Banogu, Collier, and Carraway in which all of them were 1st. team Big 12 and Carraway was a 2* and the others were 3*, it makes you wonder about these rating services. However, this is not intended to take anything away from coach Sharp who has finally found his spot and what a defensive end coach he is.
  13. Does anyone think we will have a tight end catch two passes in one game?
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    Agree... hard to conceive a 6'6'' DT playing low enough vs stockier gnarly OGs in our league. However it is possible and sure there have been a few lanky DTs over the years. 6'4" seems the taller norm/range for DTs.
  16. With a gnarlier OL, Cumbie's QBs and WRs will have more time needed to perform. The RBs will look better ... while the D gets more rest.
  17. With today’s quick passing offenses knocking passed down is a great thing. We could be starting a trend. Ed Too Tall Jones did ok with the Cowboys at dend.
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  18. What is this "tight end" of which you keyboard?
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  19. thomsen was only in year 2 last year and that isn't a great deal of time to impact recruiting and the development of the roster.

    i do think austin meyers did a number of positive things last year and if we get that level of play out of a couple of young offensive linemen in 2019 that is a positive sign for this area of the program

    wes harris played d-tackle as a senior at aledo, got hurt as a freshmen at tcu missing a great deal of time, started slowly last year, but did some very good things at the end of the year

    kelton really struggled mid year and the most disappointing part was it look so long to make a switch at center. not sure the story, but gaynor's play in the last two games in a large part saved those final two games for the offense

    i have posted here a number of times that interior line has had a number of misses in recruiting for a variety of reasons spread over a three class time period and we still aren't caught up in regards to experience in that area.
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  20. I’m hopeful and I think Meyers and Harris have big upside. Kelton looked like the game was to fast for him but the experience he got last year should help him improve. Completely agree on Gaynor saving the season. He was an unsung hero in my opinion. I might be wrong but we seem to have a roster full of OT prospects....would like to see us target more interior guys in the next cycle.
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