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2019 Football Class- Lets Hear your thoughts

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. not far off, if no one leaves prior to the fall the roster projects to 21 defensive backs

    9 either have played or project to corner. frogs will have 3 seniors leaving next year and nothing wrong with having talented kids in the system starting to learn the position.

    it will be interesting to see if noah daniels takes a step forward at the position and if mike onyemaobi stays at corner or moves to safety.

    safety is a bit more crowded as only 2 of the 12 project to be seniors and there doesn't look to be any juniors so you have 10 players who will either be sophs, freshmen, or red-shirt freshmen

    that leaves the possibility to a safety or two moving or growing into the linebacker position. no one still really knows if wilson returns, wallow somehow will already be a junior and behind that you have potential, but no certainties.

    spring will be interesting to see if wilson and simpson can make some noise as well as if anyone slides over from safety
  2. Your sentiment is correct but we haven’t had one of those types around here in a long while. Having said that, it’s a lot easier to find a RB then other skill positions.
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  3. Just saying, why worry about keeping a kid around for five years if the only way he's going to stay around for five years is by kind of being just a guy, and one that will be easily replaceable. Take Sewo and Anderson for example.....would you feel any better if they both redshirted and were going to be juniors next year? I wouldn't, because if they have even decent years this year they'll be gone anyway. Even a kid like Gaines, on one hand it sucks that he's already going to be a senior next year, but I almost guarantee you if he stays healthy he'd be gone anyway were he going to be a 4th year junior.

    With the trend toward all these kids leaving school early I couldn't care less about whether a kid redshirts or not. The only kids that should redshirt are the ones who simply aren't ready to play and contribute, so there shouldn't be any concerted effort to redshirt a kid IMO.
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  4. I don’t disagree with you. In today’s game you’ve got to get guys acclimated to the college game quickly so your right that a redshirt makes no sense in most instances. We are in a weird spot with two presumably high ceiling Freshman coming into situation with two seniors who will both probably could be NFL camp invites running behind a Sr OL. I’m not certain how the staff will handle it. Using a redshirt might just happen due to there not being enough reps
  5. So what does our 2-deep now look like at knucklehead and parent portal?
  6. I have no problem with keeping the carries for the Freshmen down a little. Too many times I have seen Freshmen tear it up their first year only to have nagging injuries the rest of their career. LT didn't get all that many carries until he was a Junior, and he was durable. Hobbs was a workhorse, but was breaking down by season's end (despite playing in only 8 games, but averaging almost 20 carries). Peterson at OU was great, but fought injuries throughout his career. An 18 year-old, no matter how good he is, is still way more fragile that he will be in a couple more years.

    If our players are really good enough to get drafted high after 3 years, then so be it. What I have problems with is the long list of TCU players who got bad advice and left early and disappeared. That last year has made a huge amount of difference on our players' development. One day we may have a true high draft pick early, but that also means he will have had a great year and probably the team had a great year.
  7. To add some depth you could add one freshman at a time in the rotation for 4 games down the stretch to help keep our Sr. RB's fresh and still keep their redshirt. Thats 8 games between the two of them.
  8. We have 3 backs with experience now so there’s neither pressure to rush the Freshman nor any reason to hold them back. I think it makes the most since to let those young guys loose and see if they can push their way up the depth chart. There is nothing better for a football team then competition..Everyone needs to be pushed to be their best. Ultimately I’m not sure they can be physically ready given neither got in early..
  9. I forgot an interesting nugget from last night. Adam Plant's Dad, who is also a very large human, does security for Floyd Mayweather. Coach Sharp, who is a large man, was laughing about how he felt small when he took a pic with Adam and his Dad.

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    Like our RB depth. Let the new kids develop in the weight room and learn the system. If one of the 2 shows he's ready for D1 ball earlier than the other one(Foster my pick), then lets make him #4 in the rotation In the beginning, until he can prove he's able to move up. 2-4 carries a game should be good enough in that role.
  11. I’m honestly struggling to think of what position I’m most worried about going into next season...

    It usually is obvious, but we have a pretty healthy balance of talent and depth at every position, including even the PK!
  12. Probably some one to have a breakout year at WR, to take some of the load/pressure off Reagor double teams and focus.
  13. Give me Taye Barber.
  14. I'm not struggling at all with that question. QB.
  15. Forgot about that picture. Sharp is a big dude too. Plant was a nice find by the staff
  16. With that stable, somebody is bound to step up...
  17. 100% Agree...I’m a skeptic at this point. Talent is in the room but until I see someone command the huddle like a boss I’ll be leary. We rolled out a bunch of QBs last year who none seem to be able to win the heart of their teammates. Not only that but they all seemed to be ill prepared by the staff
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  18. Bingo. More than anything I want to see a guy get in there really confident in what he's doing. It's been a pretty long time since we've had that IMO.
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  19. That might look like a future DT. And there's nothing wrong with that.
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  20. 6'6" is usually considered pretty tall for a DT, but hey, if Plant can play low enough. that would be a possibility.

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