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2019 Football Class- Lets Hear your thoughts

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. The off season is going to feel like forever so how about we get some class dialogue going.

    A series of fun questions.

    Q1. Which recruit makes the earliest impact on offense and defense (Grad Tr and special teams excluded)

    Q2. Call your shot...Who scores the first TD from this class?

    Q3. Who in this class might be flying under the radar in your mind?

    Q4. Who if anyone makes the 2-deep in his first season as a Frog?

    Q5. Who are you most excited we got signed?
  2. I’ll take the following

    1. Off Barkley - Def. Workman

    2. Barkley

    3. Nook is definitely flying under the radar. Kid got a 5th year at a prep school. He’s closer to ready then most realize

    4. Misi - Workman - Barkley - Sandy - Maybe even Collins

    5. Foster Duggin and Barlow on OFF.
    Nook, Johnson, and Collins in Def
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  3. 1) Barkley on offense since he is juco and plug and play ready at the slot. (Barlow and Foster RS)

    Plant on defense. Frogs short at DE and ends up on the 2 deep.

    2) I am going stay with Barkley for first TD.

    3) Josh Foster. Tremendous athlete.

    4) Barkley at WR and Plant at DE. Sandy if a punter counts.

    5) Duggan if I have to keep it to one.
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  4. WR, DE
    I only know the above the radar guys
    WRs and DEs
    Duggan and Barlow
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    This class gives us potential answers to a lot of our issues. May be my favorite class from top to bottom that I can remember. Decent chance Stewart is starting at corner in two years and he is our second lowest ranked recruit.
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  6. Depends if they get the attitude right.

    Recruits these days get put on a pedestal and think they've made it when they send that fax in.

    Reality is most of them haven't done [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]. They think they are the fastest, strongest, next AJ Green etc when in reality they are some of the smallest, weakest, and have no clue how our offense or defense works.

    Congratulations, you got a scholarship. Well so did 85 other guys already there. What makes you different?

    Will be interesting to see how summer workouts go and who puts in the effort vs who just shows up.
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  7. I believe close to 10 guys made it a point to already be enrolled so that’s a good sign. They are on campus and can get into a workout routine early
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  8. Given what we lost, the additions of Blackshear and Plant and Workman are pretty big, Jerry. Big.

    The best Frog DL in my memory was either the Fiesta Bowl lineup, or the 2012 group with Maponga, Fields, Chucky and Jon Lewis.

    Mathis will be a star, but he can't do it all by his own self.

    My guess is we'll see Mathis-Blacklock-Bethley-Blackshear as the ones. And the twos and threes ain't shabby. We could certainly use Abercrumbia for depth.

    But those ones could be special together, maybe the best I've seen in Fort Worth.

    Edit: And I'm probably overlooking one or more guys. No disrespect.
  9. number of prospects in this class are highly underrated

    mccuin, foster, collins, karter, the linebackers, and the two ot's are all underrated by the services
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  10. Add Ellis, Cooper, and Misi/Johnson and it’s the deepest DT group ever at TCU
  11. I'm going to be biased here (no surprise, probably), but I'm excited about Brown on the OL, simply because I semi-coached with his brother and have worked with him in one capacity or another for the last four years. In ten years of being a middle school coach, this is my first kid I'm going to able to REALLY follow up to the next level. Next year will be another one, but he'll be on UT's OL. And he was literally one of my students.
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  12. I predict everyone transfers to OU and wins a Heisman.
  13. Looking forward to a little Workmanship.
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    Which kid is the one Tom Herman lied to and said Coach Patterson was retiring? (Thats my favorite recruit of this class. They're all great though...unless they leave before 3 years)
  15. Foster and Barlow look really good. Can't rmember seeing a guy break tackles like Foster does in his highlights.

    Misi and Johnson really have me excited. Both looked pretty unblockable in their highlights. It all depends on how quickly they catch on.

    LT's nephew Hodges looks really quick and Barkley looks long and very fast.
  16. We have kind of weird situation at RB. I doubt either Foster/Barlow redshirts but barring injuries they aren't going to see many carries, there are only so many to go around. Then in 2020 they probably get all the carries.
  17. Coker is who I am most excited about on offense

    Defense - Johnson
  18. With the new 4game rule, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if one of them doesn’t redshirt
  19. Barlow is going to be used like Turpin: he’ll split out, take snaps in Wildcat, probably return some punts/kicks, etc.

    HOT TAKE: Foster will be the best RB we’ve had since LT.
  20. With RBs once they are draft eligible and have a good year they are probably gone. I don’t think it makes sense to try and intentionally save eligibility at that position like it might be at others.

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