2018 Recruiting Thread - Part 2

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  1. Just my opinion.

    No need to get all Feisty about it.

  2. Thanks for Part 2 ... it'll make things cleaner.
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  3. The early signing has been a blessing to recruiting nuts.

    Now, we see who has staying power.
  4. Another CB for Chase to TCU came in this morning FWIW.
  5. I know it’s very very unlikely but I’d love for him to surprise everyone and sign today
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  6. Something worth watching today..... LSU signed 2 WR and appear to be the favorites for Marshall today. If they lose Marshall it’s probably an all out full court press on Chase so probably best for us that they get TM.
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  7. You know what else is probably for the best? That those sheep humpers don’t get TM.

    I have enjoyed reading their 247 board and their confusion why Jimbos biggest win so far is a TE that almost signed with Boise.
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  8. Perhaps our most impressive WR signed is designated as a 6' 2'' CB.
  9. They’re in the mix, I’ve heard. That would be unbearable.

  10. For anyone interested
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  11. What Acct? IG, FB, Twitter? Can you go live on Twitter?
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  13. It's like skiing on two skis instead of one...
  14. Rogers to LSU? See Twitter...
  15. He is scaring me with his tiger post
  16. Marshall committed to LSU

  17. Just responding to TM
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  18. SMH
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  19. Ah, no. Just a tweet for Marshall I'm sure.

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