2018 Recruiting Thread - Part 2

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  1. Really want Corbin.
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  2. But he did shift to low power mode and grabbed that WiFi. Dude shows good decision making in tough times.
  3. I would assume those rankings are based on commits, not signees? If so, Rogers signing shouldn’t move the needle, if that is what you were referring to.

    I can’t login to see if that is in fact the case though.
  4. You’re probably correct
  5. Excels under pressure, great point. Should definitely translate to getting to the quarterback when your team needs it.
  6. That guy is playing a dangerous game.
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  7. Duke at #50 doesn't bode well for 2028.
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  8. ESPN's recruit rankings have always seemed suspect to me. For instance Hunt is not ranked by ESPN and is considered not all that fast. I have seen reports where, on the lower ranked players, they did not evaluate them past their Junior year.
  9. I agree here. Espn ratings seem all over the place. I prefer the 247 composite.
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  10. I suspect there would not be one D1 coach in America that would take the Baylor class over ours.
  11. I hear ya, but ESPN uses its own rankings when covering national signing day and recruiting in general. Being ranked higher by them gives us better coverage and exposure. They actually ranked T. Hunt as a 4-Star from the very beginning and said in his junior year evaluation that he was one of the most undervalued players in Texas.
  12. hold my beer.
  13. big 10 sux
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