2018 Recruiting Thread - Part 2

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  1. Weird. Kid is great and all but?
  2. I was told that he actually sent his paperwork in on Wednesday. Ha.
  3. You were told correctly.
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  4. Dammit.
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  5. I heard him say he’ll enroll in January. Good for TCU doctors to accelerate his rehab.

    Likely he redshirts next year correct?
  6. Yes
  7. Looks to be recovering nicely. And good fashion sense.

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  8. I like
  9. And I think JR's mom is owed a big shoutout. She's been great.
  10. Amazing how far the program has come. Every year we seem to be getting closer looks from more and more elite players. This is awesome.
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  11. Congratulations JUSTIN & MOM!
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  12. Purple jacket, red shoes and pocket square. Spit Blood! Put some thought into that signing day outfit.
  13. Justin has it going on.....
  14. His brother is legit as well
  15. Also, great video of GP talking after practice about this class.

    Also, wallow to linebacker.

    Edit: and some interesting comments about Allen.
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  16. Where?
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    GP with some great comments, including something about Jordan Allen...

    "I won a Rose Bowl with a 65th ranked class." So great

    "He knew them for 48 hours, he knew us for two months." Ooooooohhhh weeeeeee!

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