2018 Recruiting Thread - Part 2

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  1. I’m always confused by the “I think I’ll make myself look like an idiot on purpose” bit. Surprisingly popular on here.
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  2. Pretty easy to just remove the names of any of the above who end up signing. Just trying to shift the conversation to viable options for 6 weeks from now.
  3. Thanks. Done
  4. Heh.

    It is a Killerfrogs tradition.
  5. Also saw that Bama picked up a 5-star DE yesterday (Eyabi Anoma).

    80-grade name, IMHO.

    Here's hoping that plays into Vernon Jackson's decision.
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  6. Vernon supposedly wants to play offense.
  7. So is it correct if a recruit doesn’t sign in this 3 day period, he can’t sign again for 6 more weeks?
    It’s just wide open recruiting for another 6 weeks?

    If that’s so, I would think most all of the recruits left would be really good premium players. They’re the only ones that would have the guts not to sign in this early period. Next 6 weeks will be a recruiting dog fight.
  8. Correct

  9. Possible DE. Know idea if there is mutual interest or not
  10. How about a kicker who can do more than warm up?
  11. DT
  12. A consequence of this I didn’t really consider is that a lot of our typical “late flips” may have signed with Group of 5 schools yesterday, afraid of losing their spot. Mutin comes to mind.

    Imagine if Kindred and Denzel Johnson had signed with UTSA in the early period! The equivalent of that may have happened yesterday.
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  13. Some late would-be flips may have signed with G5’s.
    But now we nearly have a clean sheet of paper. In truth, nobody is committed anymore and most of the remaining players are really good.
    This is really exciting, TCU still has 10+ open spots. If the Frogs are able to haul in 10 primo signees in this new recruiting period, they could set the table for some unbelievable teams in the near future.
  14. I don't know, taking a risk on a player who lets his battery get down the 9% seems like a major gamble.
  15. Very valid concern IMO. Hard to know the actual consequences until the whole process plays out. Basically comes down to how many scholarships are left and how many good players are left. If the latter number is lower it’s gonna be dicey for some schools.
  16. Still uncommitted.....
    55 of the 247 Top 250 in the country.
    48 of the 247 Top 250 in Texas.

    Many more on both lists are committed but not signed. Gives you some sense of what’s left.
  17. We won’t take 10 more. We might technically have room for them in this class, but we will hit the 85 limit before we get to 28-29 players. We would need to lose like 8 more guys to retirement, unexpected graduation, or transfer to have room.
  18. I think Gladney and T Howard were both UTSA commits also...or that was their best offer at the time.
  19. Red flag for sure.
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