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2018 Recruiting Thread - Part 2

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 20, 2017.

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    Starting this up to focus solely on the second signing period and potential targets that did not sign during the first period. Anything that applies to the first period can continue to go over there. I’ll start with the same list I put in the other thread of kids who have not yet signed that are known TCU targets.

    DT Keondre Coburn (UT)
    ATH Vernon Jackson (Bama)
    DE Tyree Wilson (A&M)
    S/LB Aaron Brule (uncommitted)
    WR JaMarr Chase (uncommitted)
    WR/DB Derius Davis (TCU)
    S ArDarius Washington (LSU)
    RB Jashaun Corbin (uncommitted)
    LB/DE Izaih Filikitonga (uncommitted)
    DB/ATH Derek Turner (uncommitted)
    LB Jacoby Simpson (uncommitted)

    I’ll add and subtract from this list as necessary. Any suggestions on changes to the list are obviously welcome.
  2. Why the sequel thread? jk
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  3. As Ron pointed out in another thread I’m really just hunting for “likes”.
  4. You've always been a like Briles.

    Edit: Briles is a filter for a WHite bORE. Silly.
  5. Can someone please put a list together of all the top uncommitted players who didn’t sign? Do you think we may go after some if the targets we want fall through?
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  6. Sounds like a good idea for 2018 Recruiting Thread - Part 3
  7. We signed 17, call it 18 with Rogers.
    How many more will we sign?
    What are our greatest needs?
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  8. Biggest needs are DB and DE IMO. Another RB and DL would be nice as well. I think we can take close to 10 more and stay within the 25 per year limit but I’m not sure how many we have to give to stay within the 85 man limit.
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  9. We need two corners, a DE, and another RB would be great. Wouldn’t mind another LB too, though Vongor probably ends up there at his size.
  10. He’ll be that big RB we need. Repositioning Recruits is the name of my new band!
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  11. We didn't take a single DT..Would have like to have another interior DL along with the CB and RB

    Glad we get another chance to score those
  12. We are set well enough at DT that we don’t need to take a project - I think we are all in with Coburn, it’s him or no one at DT

    Really need at least one CB, preferably two, and another DE. Would also like another receiver and OT and RB if I’m making wishes ...
  13. We can sign 29 this year because 4 will count towards last years class...

    So we got 10+ to sign and I don't think that will break the 85 scholly bank. I expect more transfers and maybe graduations. I bet we will have a scholly or two for summer grad transfers when the dust settles in May...
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  14. If we can sign 10 more this class I wonder why Mutin wasnt up here last weekend? Seemed like a decent LB addition, especially with LBs potentially moving to DE. Hhumph.
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  15. Need to add RB prospect Jashaun Corbin to the list. He was on campus last week and is seriously considering the Frogs. A former FSU commit who did not sign today.
  16. Thanks again, Feisty.

    You da man.
  17. Unless he was posting as Scott Patrick and Moose for a while, you're barking up the wrong tree.

    I know Moose knows this and alluded to it in the OP but there are still two days left in the early signing period. So any speculation in this thread is a little premature IMO.
  18. Terrible bit.
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  19. Right. I’m just saying that until those transfers start happening we’re not certain exactly how many more we can take. And whatever that number is I bet we stay under it at the next signing date.

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