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2017-18 Men's Basketball Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Why don't we do a little... day drinkin
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  2. I live just down the street from a really awesome family burger joint (I swear it's got a Bob's burgers feel). The whole family that owns it are OU fans. Might be a good place for me to watch and have an ugly pug
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  3. I hope that's a beer name.
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  4. Mrs Pharm and I are planning to.
  5. Why yes it is. A damn good dark beer too.
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  6. Does Fritz make it?
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  7. I just had a Dankosaurus IPA. Solid. Good name.
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  8. It’s january and ranked tech rushed the court.
  9. I may rush the court next time we win a close game.
  10. They were just trying to get their tortillas back. Those things aren't free.
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  11. I don't know about that. I'd say that there's a lot of free food in Lubbock if the size of their cheerleaders is any indication.
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  12. Obviously you are unfamiliar with Tech then. I texted a buddy halfway through the second half saying they would rush the court.

    Rushing the court is their default setting. It's embarrassing. They'd rush the court if they were the number 1 team in the nation...
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  13. That's somethingist. I just don't know what. Or how I should be offended.
  14. Must be girlfriends of the football players.
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  15. And there it is....teed up and everything!
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  16. I was there too. Sorry I missed you guys.
  17. AP Poll

    TCU #24!

    Strong chance here to get on track, lose 4 of 5 and getting mad respect.
  18. I still have tech winning the big 12. Still not sold on ou, but their #11 is a player. Need someone to be physical with him to rattle him.
  19. It is pathetic... it's not like Texas Tech was unranked, they were favored by 4.5 and playing at home as the #8 team.

    You think the fanbase of the #8 team would be a bit more humble.
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  20. Lots of other teams losing too. Helps that our games are close against good teams, not like we are losing home games to the likes of Wofford(like North Carolina) or struggling with teams with losing records(Kentucky).

    Still a 6 seed in bracketology, 7 seed on CBS. Sky not falling.
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