2:30 Kickoff at OSU

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  1. Should be a night game. Two ranked teams and one of the more important games of the Big12. But at least it is not an 11:00am start time.
  2. It's AT OSU. Be happy it's not a night game my friend.
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  3. I once believed this.
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  4. FIFY. Had to include our "W "in the recent series...
  5. Games are never close.....wild

    I expect Ok State to be 8.5 pt favorites
  6. 8.5 is too high, should he form hold through the weekend it will be about 5.5 at open
  7. Mendez tweeted a few hours ago that he found an early line that was Okie St -7, which seems about right at this point.
  8. We aren't playing in Fort Worth. I only included road games because that is where we're playing.
  9. a touchdown looks about right, unless Hill turns out to be a gunslinger in the SMU that can hang with Rudolph. Outside of that, a TD difference feels about right.
  10. I am well aware of where the game is going to be and don't care about that scant advantage. This is a premium game for the conference and it should be treated as such. TCU should be in primetime whether on the road or at home when you have two ranked teams playing each other. Wish our conference could do more to push these games into the primetime slots.
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  11. Oops. This was me:
  12. Yeah brother. With the homey. God rest his soul.
  13. I think the idea that it's somehow harder to win night games on the road is kind of ridiculous. I don't think it makes a damn bit of difference whether the game is played at 11:00, 2:30, 7:00 or 2:00 am.

    In fact, I think the extra "hype", time and buildup going into a night game can actually work against the home team at times.
  14. Night games are always a better atmosphere. Everybody is lubed up and ready to get it!! It makes a difference.
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  15. But once the ball is kicked off, it's a football game. Those players that are so juiced up by their home crowd are just as likely to screw something up than make a great play. I just think it seems like it makes a difference more than it actually does.

    We've yet to play at Stillwater at night and have yet to win there. Our closest game in Norman was at night. Ohio State kicked OUs ass last year at night. OU kicked Ohio State's ass this year at night. It's just an overrated thing in my opinion.
  16. Night games just have a little extra juice.
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  17. Yes. We are undefeated on Game Day.

    TCU at BYU 2009
    TCU Utah 2009
    TCU Utah 2010
    Rose Bowl
    TCU WVU 2014

    Only one home Game Day (sadly)
  18. He has been dismissed from the team as well.

    EDIT http://bleacherreport.com/articles/...n-vaughn-arrested-on-felony-marijuana-charges
  19. My money is on gameday holding out for Bedlam. Maybe if we beat OSU and run the table they'll show up in Norman. But, that is light years away and we shouldn't be concerned with anything but slapping the [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] outta SMU
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