2:30 Kickoff at OSU

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    ABC, ESPN air ESPN2.

    If TCU handles SMU and OSU handles Pitt, I think we'll see College GameDay in Stillwater. Cowboys will be a heavy favorite, too.

    I'm glad it's not a night game. Gary likes routine, and this will be the third 2:30 game in a row (second on the road).
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  2. Haha. You beat me by 1 minute.

  3. Is that time slot a lock regardless of the outcome of both games this week?
  4. We've won all of our 2:30 games so far this year, OSU hasn't won a single 2:30 game all season. Big advantage for the Frogs here.
  5. I am skeptical. They passed over our game in Stillwater last time for Clemson-Florida State even though both us and OSU were undefeated and Florida State wasn't.

    I still think they go to Washington-Colorado, UCLA-Stanford or should Mississippi State beat LSU, MSST-Georgia. Even Penn State-Iowa has a better chance than our game. They hate us.

    I was actually hoping for an 11am kickoff. I knew we had a shot because FOX and ABC both already had their primetime slots filled.
  6. Yes
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  7. If TCU and Okie State both win this coming weekend... book it...College Game Day will be in Stillwater. Frogs vs Pokes will be the best game of nationally ranked teams in the whole US. Isn't TCU 4-0 when College Game Day is in the house? 5-0 if you count them when they covered the Rose Bowl... Just sayin'
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  8. Road day games are always preferred.

    4th time in 6 years we play Okie Lite in Stillwater. I don't give a crap that was what was necessary to get in the Big 12...that schedule screwing will always make me pissed when I think of Okie Lite and Stillwater.
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  9. Guess this means I have to go to the wedding. WTH?
  10. Your comparison isn't fair, because Clemson-FST is a huge game and it was at that time too.

    The contenders:
    Wash-Colo: On in prime time on FS1
    UCLA-Stan: Prime time on ESPN

    It's been known that ESPN tries to do a minimum of 1 CGD per conference per year, meaning home team. Is TCU-OKST that game?

    Based on this, I'd bet they go to UCLA-STAN, given it is already slated in prime time. If one of those two lose this week, I'd guess we slide in (presuming we both win).
  11. We've never won on Oklahoma soil since joining the Big XII. This has got to change. 2017 is the year it happens. Twice.
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  12. TCU and OSU perform as expected, get the W this week and I agree they SHOULD land Gameday. In the past ESPN has had bias against TCU and every Big 12 school not named Oklahoma or Texas, but I think that has changed. They have been giving TCU some respect. Even Herby picked them in the Big 12 Championship game this year.. Oklahoma State has one of the top QB's in the country and their WR is a beast. Will be a big time game to watch across the country.
  13. That is over now. What happened in 2012 and 2013 caused it, but it isn't a factor any more. Next year it will be 4 time in 7 years. And 3 times in 6 years. And in 14 years it will be 11th time in 20 years.
  14. Seems like a preferable start time.

    Defense and run game will travel....should be a good one.
  15. He saved time by skipping the k.
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  16. #25 UCLA @ #19 Stanford is currently the only other matchup of Top25 teams that day, so Gameday is likely if we both win this weekend.

    But 19 Georgia hosts Miss St that day and 1 Bama's at Vandy. Never underestimate the ability ESPN to go full secsecsec.
  17. what K ?
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  18. Pretty sure there were 0 CGD for the B12 last year, just saying.

    And Stanford has already lost. Not saying they will go with our game, but I think it'd be dumb to pick that P12 game over our undefeated B12 game
  19. Washington vs. Colorado is on Fox Sports 1 which helps. Gameday has gone to non ABC/ESPN games before but only when its the clear cut best game of the day.

    I'd keep an eye on Mississippi State. If they beat LSU I think their game with Georgia gets the nod. I could also see Vandy getting it if they beat Kansas State

  20. Penn State @ Iowa will be the night game on ABC, so maybe GameDay will go over there?

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