2:30 Kickoff at OSU

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  1. Also, Herbie has nightmares about Stillwater earthquakes.
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  2. I saw a thread about a possible bus trip a few weeks ago. Was OSU taken off the board as a possibility? Or was it Ark?
  3. Yep... Not the best news.

    I'm feeling like we are going to get shut out here. I bet GameDay has bedlam penciled into their schedule right now.
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  4. Let carnage reign on both sides of the ball. CGD be damned. If they ignore us, well, l HCGMFP does how to use that for motivation.
  5. Ha. You should get a job in Waco. Like rape at Baylor, apparently the missing k in "2:30 kicoff at OSU" never happened.
  6. According to the "bus trip thread" OSU was taken off the board due to the trip being in just two weeks. Not being certain that it would be able to sell enough seats in that short of time. Their will be bus trips for Oklahoma and Tech. Suppose to be posted shortly.
  7. I have an unavoidable wedding that day as well. The 2:30 start means I should get to watch the entire game but I still have the arsewhip of the wedding looming
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  8. I feel your pain. I had a wedding for the first game... the first home game I've missed since Oct 2006. Also had a wedding last weekend, and you're right, just the thought of having to go while watching the Arkansas game was a complete arsewhip.
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  9. I wouldn't mind at all if College Gameday was NOT at the game.
  10. too hot to pass.
  11. This x 100.
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  12. Heads up.

    In about 6 days you will start seeing posts from someone tagged southtulsapoke who will beat you up with statistics and 3rd party predictions that demonstrate how we will dominate TCU. He will be pretty relentless until you come to the conclusion there is no reason to even play the game as you are so incredibly over matched. Either that or you will come to the conclusion he's kind of a pain in the Baylor.
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  13. There's a south Tulsa? Shouldn't he be called Broken Arrow Poke?
  14. He's already starting to google stats to beat you up with, like a scout team looking at next week's opponent, crouched in the corner of the internet waiting to pounce.
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  15. I don't wanna hear anything about CGD until we beat smoo soundly. I was in Ford Stadium, in 2005, to watch that complete and utter bull [ steaming pile of Orgeron ].
  16. With the homey?
  17. No such thing exists.

    I reserve the right to amend this opinion if and when Jennifer Aniston, Margot Robbie, or Rachel McAdams agrees to a plural marriage ceremony with me and the Mrs.
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  18. It doesn't take much research.

    2012 OSU - 36 TCU -14
    2013 OSU - 24 TCU - 10
    2015 OSU - 49 TCU - 29

    Cumulative Score of 109 - 53
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  19. Haha maybe at your house you can miss the wife's close family weddings but not over here. Not for nothing is she the Princess...I'm only a Prince in the Prince Phillip sense. She comes from TCU royalty, I just married into it
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  20. I have a special skill for avoiding Mrs Pharm's close family weddings mainly because we know there's a greater than 80% chance they won't take and will have to be redone with a different participant within two years. It's a different way of defining plural marriages.
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