2013 Updated recruiting list

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  1. I do not have video on Phillips (DeSoto OG) but that kid is a beast. Offered by TCU, UT and Ou at least though a name you have rarely heard if at all.
  2. Daeshon Hall may be the hottest prospect out there right now. A late invitee to UT JD2.
  3. Thanks Feisty. Excellent report, as usual.
  4. Great highlights, gotta like Hall....
  5. Aggies kicking butt this year in recruiting, get RB James White, S Wiggins and JJ Gustafson over the weekend.
  6. I saw Michigan had eight (8!) four stars commit this past weekend.
  7. ...crickets...

    when are we gonna get some love?
  8. 2 from the all-name list: Jake Butt & Taco Charlton.
  9. Is our next Junior Day on the same day as Texas' JD2 (Feb 25th)?

    I know our first one was one day before Texas' on Feb 12. Seems like poor planning.
  10. This thread is stupid. How could you guys claim to be evaluating prospects without any mention of frog factor? Isn't that the only factor?
  11. Do their recruits watch college football? I didnt realize 7-6 seasons and a missing coach were attractive
  12. Same day. They moved up the start of spring drills to Fri so Sat the recruits see more of real time practice, etc. but UT has a huge group coming in, but some key TCU recruits will miss for various reasons especially Cody Thomas & DJ Ward. Several trying to make both but we shall see.

    I do like the Jordan Sterns kid a lot who is coming in this weekend. He was touted as the next big RB at Byron Steele but though he still gets some carries he has excelled at safety. High on the frog factor quotient.
  13. Not trying throw salt on the wound, but will we still be looking at players from Copperas Cove? Just asking since Tanners father is a/the coach down there. Would he even want any of his players playing for TCU now? I mean this in the sense that is he or will be blaming TCU/Patterson for what Tanner did? Do they even have some of the states top players as in the recent past?
  14. Many people including myself downplayed the SEC affect in regards to recruiting, but every one of our recruits has mentioned it as a factor. I also think Sumlin's staff is head and shoulders above Sherman's as far as recruiting. Hopefully he's head and shoulders better at coaching college football.
  15. Some of the targets and UT invitees this weekend (ones in red expected to miss UT for various reasons):

    QB, JT Barrett, Wichita Falls Rider
    QB, Kenny Hill, Southlake Carroll **baseball tournament
    QB, Cody Thomas, Colleyville Heritage **baseball tournament
    WR, Eldridge Massington, West Mesquite
    WR, Robbie Rhodes, Fort Worth Southwest **basketball playoffs
    TE, Jeremiah Gaines, Red Oak
    TE, Trent Gow, Mansfield
    OL, Kent Perkins, Richardson Lake Highlands
    DT, Vincent Taylor, San Antonio Madison
    DE, Daeshon Hall, Lancaster
    DE/LB, Deon Hollins, Jr., Fort Bend Marshall
    DE/LB, Mike Mitchell, Plano Prestonwood Christian
    DE, DJ Ward, Lawton (Lawton, OK)
    LB, Brett Wade, Kennedale
    DB, George Baltimore, Mansfield
    DB, Kameron Miles, West Mesquite
    ATH, Chevoski Collins, Livingston
  16. Not sure what Reb's reaction has been but CGP has had a good relationship with him and the HC Jack Welch in the past.
  17. Several were Katrina evacuees including Wilson at Dunne and a lot of recruiting in the area that TAMU should dominate but Sherman seemed to ignore. Unfortunately several are grade risks and probably will not make it if signed, but looks good on paper right now.
  18. With a full year and two summers to get grades right, i wouldn't say they're likely to miss out. I'm just glad we're hitting DFW pretty hard. We haven't done that in a while.
  19. Just so I am clear...is this the UT JD2 list or the TCU JD list?

  20. UT but only those with TCU interest, the full list is much longer.

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