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  1. Yeah but watching any game we've played it is our downfall. If the WVU reciecers knew how to catch they would have had two or three long TDs early in the game.

    It's hard because after watching how great Verrett is last night you realize how great a guy can be in our system once they get it down. That said the time to develop one is such a beating. I just hope Lewis, Orr, or Mosley get it down this year so we will have two solid corners for 3 years.
  2. Every time we are young at CB this is what we will expect? Especially playing in the Big 12.
    QB's having a field day with long throws?
  3. sigh.  Everyone chill out.  Lets look past our noses here.  What kind of team are you going to have next year, and the year after, and the year after that if you abandon your defense because of youth?  Those kids will lose all that time learning our defense, which has been consistently one of the best defenses in football. We have seen it so many times a kid gets burnt, GP sticks with them and eventually they become great corners.  Bad news is we have to have it happen at several positions.  He has proven to us he knows who will be good, hell he called Boykin as an all star QB 3 years ago when he looked terrible ("What you want is a junior Trevone Boykin not a freshman Trevone Boykin.").
    Next year when we have a whole new offense trying to find its footing, you will be glad we have young corners with game experience in our system.  Let us not turn into Texas here, you can see where a lack of consistency and knee jerk reactions get you.  Support the man.  
  4. Take away the pick 6 and 2 other turnovers returned to inside the 5 yard line and how does our D look?

    I'll take giving up 35pts (assuming they score on one of those drives anyway) to OSU in Stillwater with this D as a fairly successful outing.
  5. I worry more about our offensive play calling than defensive scheme.
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    What a Jackoff.  They will say and do whatever they want to get the desired outcome they want.

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