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You Make The Call - 2019

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Zebra Frog, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. Question #1
    Runner A44 carries the ball near the sideline, and strides out of bounds. The ball should be spotted:
    a. At the location of the ball when the runner’s foot touches out of bounds.
    b. At the position of the ball as it crossed the sideline.
    c. At the location of the ball when the runner’s las foot was inbounds.
    d. At the spot the ball carrier’s foot last touched down inbounds.
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  2. I’m going to go A
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  3. Based upon the goal line rules I'm going to say B.
  4. Think it's A too.

    Clearly not C or D
  5. I’ll say B.
    Thanks for bringing this back.
  6. Reason I don't think this is correct is because the ball isn't automatically considered out of bounds once it crosses the sideline. Say the player is tip toeing down the sideline- if the ball crosses over the sideline, but the player keeps his balance and keeps running, the ball is never considered out of bounds.
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  7. E. None of the above. Where the players foot touches out of bounds. Ball should be immediately dead at that spot.

    But I’ll go with A.
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  8. If the runner plays for the Longhorns and the play is important for a UT win then the call is either a first down if on their own end of the field or a touchdown if on their opponent’s side of the field, regardless of where or when the runner stepped out of bounds. And also a 15 yard personal foul penalty on the opposing team.
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  9. I’ll go with A
  10. Under Option A, if a player leaped out of bounds and the ball got spotted at its furthest point where his foot hit the ground it would not be fair. Defensive players would be penalized for hitting the person out of bounds and trying to limit the progress. So no A for me. Options C and D are not plausible because a runner's trail foot could be on the ground in bounds while the runner extends the ball forward, are a runner could leap and extend the ball forward. This is how many reach for first-down markers and is common. No C, no D. Therefore, B, where the ball is located as the runner crosses out of bounds. If I'm wrong, then football doesn't make any sense.
  11. He didn’t say the player leaped out of bounds. He said he strides out of bounds.
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    UT it's a touchdown.

    TCU it's depends on their ranking and if the opponent is ranked.

    B is the answer because there is a plane rising up from the sideline just like the goal line.

    I've noticed Big 12 refs like to mark First Downs on the yardage markers to avoid positioning the chains in between the yardage marks. Especially true on punts, kick-offs, and turnovers.
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  13. Damned lawyers.

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