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Worst uniform of the season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Best uniforms of season
  2. The helmets did look blue in person and on tv
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  3. FWIW (nothing) Uni swag or whatever one of the other twitter accounts on the matter rated them high.

    I like them because we won but if we lost they would have been terrible. With the big reveal video and special uniform it would have looked silly to come out and get your ass beat.

    Uniforms are for the players and recruits IMO. If I like them it's an added bonus.
  4. upload_2020-1-17_11-27-56.jpeg
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  5. Apropos considering our season. I've learned to compartmentalize the cumulative trauma.
  6. Has @gdu weighed in? Seriously.
  7. The Frogs new uniforms are pretty bad. Not a good omen that they opened up to a 5-7 season sporting them. In particular the Wakanda forever necklace and introduction of silver are just silly. Uniforms officially jumped the shark.
  8. English translation needed.
  9. It kinda fits the way the season went. But, I've blocked all that [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] out or I'd go on a killing spree.
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  10. I know I might be showing my age, but just purple and white unis please. (Perhaps with the "Flying T" on the helmet)
  11. I want the Flying T so bad. Just for a throwback game. If the right person was doing it - could make it look mega!!
  12. Yes to purple and white (which really are the school colors in case you're too young to know this), but NO to the flying T which is associated with the long, deep, dark days of football aptitude around here....
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  13. If we have another year like last year, the Flying T might be appropriate.
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  14. Honestly, I agree with the vote. Those were the ugliest TCU uniforms in 30 years.
    Patterson thinks he's Ralph Lauren..............

    He should stop listening to NIKE........
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  15. Capes would definitely make that uniform worse.
  16. We’re #1!
    We’re #1!
  17. Nike has no gonads if it doesn't focrce the athletic department to use a uniform with horizontal stripes alternating orange, green, red, and blue with black numbers, gray helmet with yellow TCU logo, black socks, and gray shoes....Every color of every B12 school except KState and TCU since apparently the purple and white combo is too much old school for the teams now....
  18. I just wish we could have seen it at night. Woulda looked even better.

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