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Win This For Wes! RIP 12/5/19

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. Our friend Wes passed away one year ago today. We need to win this for him!
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  2. Dang. Can't believe it's been a year. Ran into Scott's brother at halftime. Coming up on, what, 5 years for Scottie?
  3. Hell of an effort from Wes today. Thanks for the assist old friend.
  4. Ya Scotty died 12/17/15
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  5. Preston or Dubber?

  6. Yes
  7. They're up there smiling.
  8. Two of the best "Purple People" of all-time!
  9. Man I sure miss those Killer Frogs bus trips with those Guys! Good times. RIP both!
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  10. I really missed him in the Press Box today, but I could hear him screaming every time they went to a review.
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  11. Dubya
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  12. Gotta tell ya. After almost 50 years, going through a football season has been tough without Wes. No one to [ hundin] back and forth with after the game. Hard to believe it's been a year. Thursday was his birthday and I Spoke to his wife Claire. She agrees, she said it still feels like yesterday. The blessing is I guess that he and Scott both missed the mess our world is in today. And Scott gone for 5? Wow. All we can say I guess is enjoy what you have. Life is short and fast.
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  13. Amen!

    Memories sweet, comrades true!
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  14. Steel’s own father passed away this morning at 615. 86 years old.

    Via con Dios, Pops.
  15. Sorry for your loss sir. Truly in a better place.
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  16. My condolences Steel. Mine passed away two years ago. I miss him every day.
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  17. Sad to hear this Steel. Double D Sr passed away in April. So I understand the pain. Prayers.

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  18. Condolences from northern New Mexico.

  19. Sorry for your loss buddy. May he Rest In Peace.
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  20. Was Wes bday a few days ago as well, miss him so much. Scotty too!
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