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Why TCU loses nearly every recruiting battle vs UT, OU, A$M, LSU, BAMA, GEORGIA, etc

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by WyomingFrog, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. I had an impossible burger. Pretty damn good

  2. Just do not understand why people rag on TCU, claiming they are Small Time! It is what it is and posting lenghty dissertations about being a smaller school only makes it worse. Wash out rate for recruits that we lose is significant and I would rather have players who want to come to TCU! Just look at Kyle Porter, was considering TCU, but went to Texas and did nothing! Be happy, not negative!
  3. The guy is a troll. Most of his points are laughable.
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    Why is
    listed below your screename?
  5. Late to this conversation, but I really wish In & Out Burger had bacon available. The bacon cheeseburger potential we are being deprived of there... SMH.
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  7. Is the troll Rodog, I Sniff Male Bottoms, or an alternate Steel personality? I kind of hate all 3 equally so I guess it doesn’t matter,
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  8. Mostly Northern Utah apparently in the Wasatch mountains with the ranch house in Darby, MT.

    But if you want your own real Yellowstone ranch.....


    And they reference Paradise Valley during the show.


    Interesting show.
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  9. 5:30 AM lap swimming. The more laps, the bigger the burger
  10. ' the Little Engine that could '
  11. So I am working on my brisket smoking game before the season begins.

    Mesquite or oak?
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    OK, just for grins, looked at 2017 recruiting year for us on commitments including TCU as a Power 5 Offer. All offers are only Power 5 school offers:

    Reagor - 20 Power 5 offers
    Manning - 9
    Wes Harris - 5
    Robinson - 13
    Bethley - 11
    Dennis Collins - 4
    Onyemaobi - 12
    Van Zandt - 3
    Snell - 5
    Al'Dontre Davis - 14
    Noah Daniels - 13
    Wallow - 11
    Ellis - 8
    White - 2
    Reed - 2
    Epley - 5
    McMillon - 3
    Tu'ua - 2
    Alex Bush - 1
    Kerry Johnson - 1
    Christian Williams - 2
    Terrell Cooper - 1
    Meeking 2

    Manning gone, Robinson gone, Onyemaobi hurt, Snell gone, Epley gone, Bush gone, Christian Williams gone, Tu'ua gone, and Meeking gone.

    I don't see how we win any games against a decent Power 5 team - I really don't.
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    I think that Paradise Valley ranch is the one that Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan used to own when they were married.

    Paradise Valley is pretty awesome - especially Emigrant peak. Although the Yellowstone River is not the greatest trout river since it doesn't have a tailwater and is really subject to the weather (rain in particular) in the Lamar River valley inside the Park.

    Oddly I spend a lot of time up there in the winter fishing the spring creeks in the Valley and it can definitely be a little like "The Shining" after the holidays - even though it is considered the banana belt of Montana.

    Brokaw has a really nice ranch in a small canyon between Paradise Valley and the Boulder River valley.
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  14. I’ve got a friend who retired to Cody and he loves it. I have plenty of friends who live in Rock Springs and they love it. Every visit I’ve made up there was great. I could live up there but I’m not so sure the other half could, unfortunately.
  15. The Cody area is beautiful. Love the Shoshone River valley between Cody and Yellowstone. Hoping to get up to Cody and Red Lodge in the next month.
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  16. Neither.... Hickory or a mix Hickory and Pecan. Nothing better....
    Mesquite, if over used, can make the meat bitter. Oak is only good as a fuel and brings very very little flavoring benefit.Definitely, do not use mesquite with Pork/Chicken/etc. If all you have is the Mesquite and Oak for now for your Brisket … no more than 2 hrs of Mesquite wood smoke flavoring; then the rest with oak, oak/charcoal, or Charcoal as your fuel.... depending on what you're cooking with.
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  17. O & G guys?

  18. One of them is. The others just like living a different lifestyle than most do.
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  19. Yes they arr
  20. Fuddruckers, onion rings just like in the 80s @ Daniels.

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