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Why TCU loses nearly every recruiting battle vs UT, OU, A$M, LSU, BAMA, GEORGIA, etc

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by WyomingFrog, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Depends, do I have to read the op at either?
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  2. Only if you order a plant based burger.
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  3. Driggs is a poor mans Jackson basically - Grand Targhee is more blue collar than Jackson Hole but has great powder and easier to ski overall

    it has restaurants but not as many or as fancy as Jackson by any means

    And the overall Teton valley is a lot more rural than Jackson Hole

    Plus you see the back of the Tetons, so it is kind of like the "wrong" side of the hill

    However it is very nice over there if quiet and simple is important to you.

    If the Teton river were more consistent in fishing, Idaho Falls were a little closer and the land in Teton river were less available - the valley would be more of a hot spot. I don't like that most lots are just 5 acres in the middle of a 200 acre field that was converted to a housing development but that is just me. But it does keep the prices down. Driggs even has a neighborhood with side walks if that is your thing.
  4. Was just in Wyoming/Montana in June, was unreal. High 60s-Mid 70s first 5 days, then got chilly and even snowed on the last 2 days of the trip. Cannot wait to get back out there
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  5. The place we stayed was a cabin about 8-10 minutes out of town. IDK the specific acreage, but no other homes in sight and walked on the road in the evening with no cars coming by.
    Jackson just strikes me as another semi-tacky tourist town that was nice before it got overrun, like Eureka Springs or Santa Fe. The accommodations I saw resembled a run-down boardinghouse for absurd prices. I think they get away with that because people are so focused on the recreation opportunities they don't care as much about getting a nice place to stay for a reasonable price.
    Driggs had little in the way of a proper downtown, but a large grocery store that was on par with Central Market, or even better. There were only a couple nice restaurants in town, but that's not a priority for me, as I like to cook. There were hike and bike trails that extended several miles out from town, a nice ski shop/outfitter, a ski mountain about 20 minutes from town and a national park about 15 minutes from town where we hiked all day in spectacular scenery and only saw a group of Elk hunters on horseback.
    The "cabin" where we stayed was nearly new, had a kitchen and bathrooms that were on par with what you'd find in a $500k house in Fort Worth, and cost $100 per night, compared with$300+ per night for a one-room dump in Jackson. As for the view, we were unaware it was the "wrong" side of the Tetons, we just thought it was beautiful.
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  6. TAMU recruits top 20 every year and will never win a natty
  7. but will still sell the [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] out of the tickets against the possibility of every 4th or 5th year having an outside shot at finishing in the top 2 of the SECSECSECWest.
  8. you should go back - depending on how long ago you went, you would probably like Driggs more now - it has closed up some of the things it needed regarding actually living there vs visiting. You can live without lots of stuff for a week or two, not so much when you are there for 6 months. and they extended the Tetonia/Ashton trail now all the way from Driggs to Ashton.

    There is a lot of national forest in west side of the Tetons - guessing you were in the west edge of Teton National Park. You can also go way up by Ashton and visitthe southwest entrance to Yellowstone - the one that doesn't connect to anything else but takes you to Cave Falls and Bechler Meadow trail. That is one of the best parts of the park for sure since it is barely used due to remoteness.

    But yes, the Brommins store is really nice in Driggs. They are a IGA based chain of stores owned by a Mormon family that now has 5-6 stores in small towns like Driggs, Alpine, etc and even one in Idaho Falls. But that is why they are not open on Sundays also so you have to plan.

    But Driggs has Teton Thai, Royal Wulff and Victor down the road has The Brakeman. Spoons and Knotty Pine so there are better choices now than ever.

    However it has a lot more houses than it did 10 years ago - even some developments like Huntsman Springs. So that is the trade off - you get more people, you get more amenities.

    Tetonia is probably more like the Driggs of old and only 15 miles away north in the valley. Trust me, I don't see being on the wrong side of the mountain as a bad thing - that is just what keeps prices down and tourists away. That and driving over Teton pass in the winter scares a lot of people evidently.
  9. Lots of people think the views from the west are just as good, if not better. Have a friend in Idaho Falls and he swears by the "wrong" side. Some of that may just be the isolation aspect.

    Damn, was planning on going up to Cody and Red Lodge the weekend after Labor Day, all this talk makes me want to go now!
  10. Supposedly one of the most photographed and painted barns anywhere.

  11. Typically regional wood choices for smoking are DFW thru east Texas is Hickory. Central Texas is oak. West Texas is mesquite.

    I say, why stay with one type of wood. Each brings something to the table. I blend the wood for smoking. I use 50% oak because it is a good burning wood with mild flavor. 25% mesquite for that peppery tang and 25% hickory for that deep smoky flavor.
  12. Does anyone else remember a place called Jedediah's in downtown Jackson, Wyoming? It had the absolute best sourdough pancakes of any place in the universe. Unfortunately, closed down, so can only remember it now.
  13. I e
    I believe it - always a group of people out there

    Those Mormons knew how to build things to last
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  14. Every school in the conference except OU wishes they had TCU’s record over the last 10 years.
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  15. I think that is a little like people who say the Tetons are not pretty they are just distinct.

    I like the west side - I have about 300 acres on the Fall River north of Tetonia and have thought a lot about moving over there permanently. You almost couldn't find two places only 50 miles apart more different than Jackson, Wyoming and Tetonia, Idaho. The things you worry about in Tetonia are a lot different than Jackson for sure.
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  16. I didn't know that Mormons settled that entire area until this spring. Including hand dug irrigation canals for miles and miles. Interesting story.

    Last spiel about the area. I first stayed in Victor in 1993. A buddy and I rode motorcycles from Ft. Worth to Bozeman and had planned on staying in Jackson on the way up. Don't go with no hotel reserved in July. So we got directed over the pass to sleepy little Victor. And it was a sleepy little town in 1993. So we discovered the Gallatin River Valley instead. Beautiful area.
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  17. Damn you! :D
  18. Mormons and criminals - the original settlers of Jackson Hole...
  19. Start a thread on the general board about Wyoming and kill this one. Leaving this stupid title at the top of this forum is exactly what this moron wanted.
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