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Why TCU loses nearly every recruiting battle vs UT, OU, A$M, LSU, BAMA, GEORGIA, etc

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by WyomingFrog, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. He's lying about being a Frog, so he may be lying about his geographic location too, a first for the Internet.

    Speaking of Wyoming, Google says the best restaurant there is either the Calico Restaurant and Bar or the Snake River Grill. Any preference between the two?
  2. I like Whataburger. I bet there are non in Wyoming.
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  3. Snake River Grill - not even close.

    Problem is this time of year it books up weeks ahead of time so you have to be flexible or plan way ahead.
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  4. How close is that to Yellowstone?
  5. there is a place in Victor, Idaho called The Brakeman - amazing burgers.
    And the Victor Emporium next door has some of the best shakes ever made.
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  6. Minor point, but by "a while back" you mean 1968? That was their last conference title. They have never won the Big 12 title, the closest they got being 2007 North division co-champs with Mizzou, but losing the tiebreaker (Mizzou then lost the title game to OU).
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    what part of Yellowstone? the park is the size of a small state.

    Jackson is about 2 hours south of Old Faithful - so you don't just run down for dinner but it is a great drive - the road between the south entrance of Yellowstone and Jackson is basically the eastern boundary of Teton National Park

    If you are farther north like north of the road from Norris to the Canyon, you could head up to Livingston, Montana and go to the Stockman Bar. It is pretty famous in the Montana community because of a couple of well known artists that drink there, a writer who drink himself silly there and a few famous actors that spent more than their fair share of time in a booth.

    It is a true Montana bar with locals, guides, cattlemen and of course tourists all mixing together.
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  8. don't you mean Waco. sounds a lot like people to the south
  9. Not only does Whataburger have better burgers, they have better everything else. I mean, does anyone actually like crinkle-cut fries? I sure as hell don't. Plus, there might not be a restaurant in the country that does fried pies like Whataburger. And I haven't even got to the breakfast stuff like the taquito and the honey butter chicken biscuit.

    Damn, I am hungry now.
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  10. Whataburger is great, no doubt about it, as is Kinkaids. But my go to place is still Yucatan Taco. Anybody serves a better (and stronger) margarita than they do, please let me know.
  11. I do. But it’s just a fifth of tequila.
  12. Actually, it is one of the most visited states in the country. Don't judge everyone by that choad. Good people here.

    Edit. Never mind, it sucks here. Don't come.
  13. How's Hams Fork above Kemmerer? Ever fished it?
  14. I tried the cowtown deluxe last time I was in. Hard to heat the original but it was muey beuno
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  15. a couple of times - once before it got "famous" and once after. I have fished right below the dam where you can access the public area and down below the private water each time and done ok. Definitely some big fish in there but you have to know the holes to be most effective. I went out with Van Beacham on my second trip and we fished some of the private waters - it was definitely better than the public area. I think Van still guides and could give you a better idea if its worth hitting the Ham's or if you would be better off driving over to the Smith's.

    I assume you will be in Kemmerer for some other reason? because I don't think the Ham or Smith are good enough to be a destination fishery given the other choices in Wyoming and Idaho unless you happen to already be there or are passing through on the way to somewhere else and need a break.
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  16. Oh, I don't know. Hearing Roosh V talk about Wyoming makes it sound pretty nice:

  17. So how bout them Astros...
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  18. I'd be careful talking too much about Houston sports... might offend our friend Eight. He almost lost it on me when I said I'd be ecstatic if the Frogs had a comparative season this year to the Texans last year (won Division, made playoffs).
  19. i'm only about an 80 minutes from Kemmerer Lake so not a big deal. Heard the private waters are much better with a $10 donation. Talked to the game warden that covers that area and he said don't even bother to come on a weekend if you are going to fish the public waters. I asked about the "famous" period around 2013-2014 and he said it's much more crowded now.


    I've been fishing mostly the Green River through Seedskadee Refuge which I can get to in about 40 minutes. Really need to float it, but there are a few good wading places and not many people. The refugee claims you'll see more moose than anglers and I've seen several this summer (moose, that is). Maybe I'll get a buddy and have Van float us down the Green River sometime.

    It sucks, people. Don't bother.

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