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White Out for SMU Game?


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TCU doesn’t have the fan base to pull off color blocks or white outs anymore so I hope they give that up, but I think it’s clear from some of the marketing thats been posted in this thread, there’s some disorganization going on in the TCU program surrounding this white out.


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I don’t agree with TCUmaniac on his politics, not for one bit, but he is a passionate man that doesn’t hold back. I am glad he is a Frog Fan, like me. I also will always associate him with Milton Daniel Penis Cookies.
I don’t agree with your politics at all either. But I think you’re a good dude, have enjoyed every interaction I’ve ever had with you, and respect you as a person. Wish there could be more of that in this country these days.

And for the record, the penis cookies were actually in Foster at the “Fosterotica” event.


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Maniac does…he cares a ton…about anything and everything that could give him an opportunity to complain.
It used to somewhat bother me when people gave me [ #2020 ] on here for supposedly complaining too much about stuff, but I couldn’t give less of a [ #2020 ] about it anymore. I love our school and want it to continue to be great. Some of the things I bring up and post about may seem petty and irrelevant, but it almost always points back to a bigger picture of questionable and unorganized leadership, which is especially concerning in the current climate of conference realignment and us having to fight for our continued relevancy as a premiere Athletic Program.


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Got an email from TCU athletics about the game Saturday but it does not mention anything about a white out.

maybe it’s for students only?
I think it’s become pretty clear at this point that a white out was originally planned, but was ultimately scrapped, and some previously planned marketing (the student email and the rally house email) failed to be updated to reflect that.


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Starting to wonder if TCU decided to drop the whole whiteout thing but forgot to update the What2Do@TCU email they sent out to students yesterday.

Would be weird to make the above social media post with Avila in all purple telling fans to be there and be loud without making any reference to the white out they were planning.
Any chance the white out was for students only?