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Where does LHCGP go?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Like fish in a barrel...
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  2. Let's just hope it isn't Coriolanus...
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  3. far better reference than say oedipus
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  4. Or Titus Andronicus.

    I'd like to avoid the high body-count scenarios...
  5. I don't know who none of them people are.
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  6. Was hoping this thread was about the statue. I was gonna suggest a landfill.
  7. Naah. Bronze is pricey stuff in the uncertain times. Best to keep it right where it is.

    Call it... Incentive.
  8. Shouldn’t this thread be posted on the GP speculation board? Does that still exist?
  9. Does this thread get taken down if we beat Texas?
    I’m sort of excited to see the offense from Saturday’s 2nd half.
    Finally, we might not have to hold everyone to less than 20 pts. to have a chance.
  10. Geez we've had a horrible run last year because we could not seem to finish a game.

    Iowa state is good and again we were one play away from winning the game.

    Anyone who thinks this program is in need of a new head coach should watch the highlights of the TCU 1977 season.

    HINT: There weren't many other than Mike Renfro catching a pass to break the SWC TOTAL CAREER RECEPTION RECORD.

    It was a hard season to watch as a freshman.
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  11. This thread is something....When GP leaves here he is headed toward retirement. But I’ll play....GP isn’t the coaching commodity he was 5-10 years ago. He wouldn’t have very many, if any, opportunities better than the TCU. His perception in football communities isn’t what it once was.
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    1976 was even more fun. 0-11 - and beaten bad a lot. Our leading rusher had around 250 yards for the entire season. (There were only 4 home games, Thanks AD Frank W for maximizing the away game disadvantage.)

    Oh yes. My buds called TCU football "The Mike Renfro Show".

    And, GP won't go before he hits the 200 W mark. He can do it in 3 more years.
  13. hmmm....interesting prop bet. will gary / tcu win 28 games over the remainder of this year and next year

    frogs in their 8 big 12 seasons prior to this one had an average record of 8-5 and if they can hold that form he would get 200 career wins most likely in 2023
  14. Easy bet. Like I said: "3 more years." (after THIS year, plus '21, '22, and '23)
  15. not sure on the easy part simply because they don't get the chance of a couple of non-conference lay up wins this year and might not get the smu game at the end of the year.

    that leaves only nine total games and i don't see them going 7-2 this year. tough challenge going double digit wins in a season as they have only done that 3 times since joining the big 12
  16. Let's HOPE that GP returns his squad to what WAS normalcy and 9-10-11 W year seasons.

    I can't get down on GP since I've seen the worst of TCU fb (1976 & 1977.) My HOPE in those days was that the FROGS would at least become competitive in the future. GP has led us out of such low expectations. I believe things can change for the good and we'll soon CELEBRATE GP 200!
  17. agree, this season being changed by fear of the covid is what it makes the idea of the prop bet intriguing to me

    if the frogs play their 3 nonconference games this year they can tread water in b12 play and get to 7-8 wins, but without the hill is a bit steeper

    not impossible or even improbable, but will take a bit of work for things to come together
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  18. Are there bowl games this year?

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