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Where does LHCGP go?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Maybe you should do it. It appears that you have it all figured out.
  2. when GP does leave - which will more than likely be at a time of his choosing - it will be to go to Africa with Kelsey to see the migration, not for another job.
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  3. I guarantee that there are morons on the Oklahoma boards calling for Riley to be fired too. Idiots gonna idiot.
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  4. If he gets fired, think we can get him as OC?
    BEAT ut!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fok baylor!
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  5. never said that, but you believe success is merely about effort and concern?
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  6. Will be interesting to see how folks respond on both sides of the argument after Saturday.
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  7. jug posed a hypothetical and i don't see anyone calling for gary's job in his question so should we go back to discussing the election and covid?

    curious what is an appropriate topic for a discussion board?
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    There were tweets calling for Saban's head last year.
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  9. Nobody want to see Patterson leave. Some of y'all think we can't contend for the big championship, I say you're candy asses and should go take up knitting. GP can go beast on folks and he has proven it.
    All that said, there is a reality in that business ...
    Nobody get s a walk season after season when they are paid more than 4 million bucks. This season is different, but if there is no turn around, that seat will be hot next year.
    I know we are worried about life after Patterson, but if the worry is that things go back to where they were ... take a look at the last few years' trend. GP needs to have a good season. Some of you wonder what a good season would be, well, here it is. He needs to win two more than he loses. That would be getting back in a good direction.
    And another reality folks should get ready for: That may mean 3 and 2 for the season. Not because our guys could get that sick, but the testing protocol is nuts and they are over cycling these tests and getting false positives everywhere. But here's the thing, if we get 5 games in, that is one more than the 4 we would get before having to redshirt players. If we go 5 and 3, even better. 6 and 3 --- oh, [ #2020 ], pop the corks.

    This year has challenges, but those challenges offer some advantages to be taken.
  10. I know it's more complicated than this and people see different things, but I just want to feel like when watching a game, we are the better coached team. Been pretty infrequent lately to be honest.

    Used to be a team that found a way to win. Now it's the opposite. At no time during that game did I think we'd win, I just figured we'd find a way to lose, and that is what poorly coached teams do.
  11. In this hypothetical where Gary decides to keep coaching, I don't see him landing at a blue blood type program. I think schools like Oregon State, Arizona, Syracuse, Maryland or somewhere like that would be interested. Second-tier football schools hoping to build up the program.
  12. I don't see GP winning a NC anywhere with his band of idiot assistant coaching bro's. He definitely still has it in him to win a NC, but I never see it happening because he is too stubborn to get rid of the dead weight of coaches on his staff.

    I understand him wanting to show his loyalty to his coaches, but at the same, it will also be the undoing of his legacy.
  13. does have the ring of a greek tragedy or something written by the bard of avon
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  14. USAToday actually printed some of the stupidest fan board quotes.
    OU- “The Lincoln Riley honeymoon is over”
    Ags- Most humiliating win ever!”
  15. I will say, that we do have some assistants that need to be upgraded. You can probably guess who they are.
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  17. GP isn’t going anywhere nor should he.

    He certainly isn’t going to Austin. Could you imagine him getting along with the LHN folks shoving cameras in his face all day every day.
  18. I don't think anyone can, didn't Herman flip em off on signing day.
  19. I didn’t see that, but I would certainly believe it. Herman is trash. Always has been.
  20. He’ll retire after Max graduates. That’s my prediction.
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