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Where does LHCGP go?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Say we don’t make a bowl. LHCGP is let go. He does not seem like he would retire. Where would he go? Who would take him?

    Florida State as head coach?
    *I cannot even fathom how good his D could be if he had that kind of size and speed.

    Miss State as a DC?
    *paired up with Leach. Man, that’d be something.

    Va Tech as DC?
    *Pairing up with Fuente would be interesting.

    Oklahoma as DC?
    *Finally give their D some spark.

    UCLA/USC as HC?
    *He wouldn’t beed a big contract, and he wouldn’t sweat as much.

    Eeek, UT as HC?
    Oh I’d hate CDC forever if he did this.

    now don’t get me wrong. I love LHCGP. I think he needs a fresh start. I would follow him wherever he would go, and it would be easier for him to get the players he needs for his system, he could restart with a fresh batch of coaches, and a new conference that doesn’t know the ins and outs of his system. In 3 years, he’d win an NC.
  2. So you want to get rid of a coach who would win a NC within three years somewhere else.

    That’s funny.

    And I’m not saying it might not be time to start thinking of life after GP, but he ain’t winning a NC within 3 years at any school that would consider him as their head coach.
  3. I’m not wanting to get rid of anyone. It’s a hypothetical situation. I think there are plenty of programs desperate for life.
  4. Right, and he’s not winning a NC at a program that is desperate for life.
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  5. gary isn't going to work for anyone else and he will never find another school that lets him operate in the bubble he has at tcu

    if he were to be done at the end of the year go live the rest of his life
  6. Some places have the pieces, but bot the coaching. TCU made a quick turnaround when we were pretty much dead in the water.
  7. I'd wait to see what happens the next few games before saying we are desperate for life. Like everyone was saying teams make the most improvement between game 1 and 2 so we'll see what happens in Austin.
  8. quick? we view time differently and gary got to work his program up the conference competition ladder
  9. Good Grief. We lost one game in one of the worst years in recent memory.

    Get a grip! I’m just glad we got to see a game.
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  10. Um, 3 years and we had a Heisman candidate, and a shot at a BCS bowl game.
  11. who recruited that heisman candidate and who was his head coach that season?

    gary's third full season frogs ended up ranked 25th and followed that up by going 5-6 in cusa after i believe six straight winning seasons under fran and then gary

    gary has done great things here, but this was not an overnight build
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  12. Come on people.
  13. I’m talking 1-10 and what Fran and LHCGP did in 3 years. It can be done.
  14. Everyone gets a pass for everything this year.
  15. If we went winless this season CGP still wouldn’t be fired.
  16. He doesn't need the money. He'd probably retire.

    Personally, I hope he retires a frog. And I hope it's not for a very long time. Once some things get ironed out, his success will continue. The only question, is he willing to make those changes before he retires? One of those is letting the dead weight go. He would have won a natty by now, if he had the right people around him. He has been loyal to the wrong crew for too long at this point. If he had talent around him, it be Frog Nattys all over the place (see Cumbie & Meach's first couple of years).
  17. I never understand how some people at times look on the dark side of issues. It was only one game.
    And writing as one who saw the mid 70"s teams - get a grip.

    It was enjoyable to see young men play the game on Saturday. Proud to be in the stands and cheer.

    Hey - relax. Enjoy !
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  18. He goes back to work like he always does.
  19. He has some work to do, but I wouldn’t want anyone else to be the captain of this ship. No one works harder. No cares as much as he does.
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  20. not about caring or working hard, he can not do this himself and it is about whether or not he has assembled the staff and the roster needed to be competitive
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