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What are you watching since COVID19 shut down live sports?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Atomic Frawg, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. watched 14 minutes of space force and cried thinking steve carrell undid all the comic good he did in the office and the 40-year old virgin
  2. I've only watched the first episode but the voice alone is a giant distraction. Someone should've told him about 10 minutes in to just go back to his normal voice.
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  3. Deadwood is very good. The Wire and Better Call Saul are two of the best TV series I've ever seen.
  4. especially on better call saul when you consider the pressure that had to be on gilligan and the cast to meet the expectations of breaking bad fans to keep pace of the franchise
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  5. Only a [ the old ricardo ] sucker likes Deadwood.
  6. No doubt. I personally think Better Call Saul has surpassed Breaking Bad at this point. It certainly has for me.
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  7. Agree. They do take some pretty good shots with their Pelosi and AOC characters. I kept watching to see if it would get any better and so far the best part is the horned frog prominently shown during the opening credits and a lady that has the job of trying to collect them so they don’t die during launches. But over all pretty disappointing.
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  8. agree and the sad thing is you can see the potential in the material, but they decided to make a farce that lectures us.

    when the test rocket explodes and he is told the cost of the rocket was 4 middle schools.

    tough line to walk and it reminds me a bit of brad pitt's war machine and john cusack's war inc that had potential and just tripped all over themselves
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  9. Boy, that is a spot on review!
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  10. I have not watched this yet but heard good things. Just finished Hunters on Amazon. Damn Nazis!
  11. Just ended a 2.5 month “hunker down and work from home” by heading back to the office on Monday. During the last 9 days of that stretch, Mrs. 4Oaks and I bing-watch all 6 seasons of Downton Abbey. About half way through, I realized, “Hey! This is a soap opera!”
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fok baylor!!
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  12. Kingpin (2003 minseries)
    Ride with Norman Reedus
    Plan to rewatch Black Sails
  13. I caught on to Breaking Bad bad midway through the first season but I've only seen 2 or 3 episodes of Better Call Saul. Keep trying to restart it but life keeps getting in the way.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. I had a big stem of wine (Bending Branch Thinker's Blend), sat out on the back porch while the Sun set, the Moon rose, and the deer frolicked on the back pasture in the fading light.

    There were two nice 3-year-old bucks with their fuzzy antlers just having the best time. Sigh...
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  16. Especially one who hails from San Francisco
  17. I love Better Call Saul but it definitely hasn’t passed Breaking Bad yet for me.

    IMO, Breaking Bad is the best show of all time.
  18. went down a youtube rabbit hole last night as i came across the best modern hand-to-hand fight scenes.

    always found the choreography to shooting one of these scenes interesting and here is the first of the three i found.

    favorite scene was combat in an elevator between two martial artists where i would love to have watched the scene be blocked. think it is part 3.
  19. Space Force isn’t bad at all, definitely not as bad as some on here made it seem. If you came in with super high expectations, I could see being disappointed, but it’s a fun little show. It’s not one of those shows where you’re on the edge of your seat dying to know what happens next, but it is keeping me entertained.

    It’s got a bunch of funny actors.
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