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What’s Your Complaint Today?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Peacefrog, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. I look forward to some eating of the crow from all you doom and gloomers.
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  2. It was too hot.

    I have no complaints. The team came out ready to play unlike last week. If we played like this against SMU we would have won by 3 TDs.
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  3. The day is still young...
  4. No complaints from me...Always things to get better at but nothing to [ hundin] over
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  5. Avoided the Super Frog Nachos, so the weather is my only one, I guess. Day not over yet.
  6. Sun. Tv timeouts. West side lower bowl.
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  7. i was at a playground with my kids and went down a slide and crushed my nuts somehow.
  8. Beat Iowa State
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  9. It was brutal out there.
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  10. Baylor exists.
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  11. Muck Engle

    Complaining in advance
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  12. I think you are right. They were looking past smew.
    Live and learn and BEAT IOWA STATE
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  13. Sitting in truck. Thank God for a/c seats.
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  14. Collins didn't get enough playing time. Delton needs to be 3rd or 4th string.
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  15. How dare Cumbie call such a better game this week only setting me up for annoyance, aggravation, and disappointment next week...
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  16. my penis is too big
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  17. Collins did not get to play enough, and we used both Barlow and Foster. Both looked good, but if we wanted to manage their redshirt options and still have them available later in the season when we will need them, maybe just Foster should have played.
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  18. After today my complaint is “how in god’s name did we lose to SMU?”
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  19. If Demarcado is hurt then one of them isn’t redshirting.

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