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Wex - call your shot

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Peacefrog, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. If I recall you have stated previously that you have predicted the playoff participants correctly every year. So who is it? One loss non champion Alabama or two loss champion Ohio State?
  2. Should be Alabama.
    I feel like the committee will take OSU.
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  3. Agreed. Which would be opposite of what they did last year.
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  4. No way they would lack consistency. Not this upstanding, honest, objective committee.
  5. My bet is Bama. And as much as I hate to see two teams from same conference, Bama’s record is just stronger and they’re better.

    Why should tOSU get in over USC?
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  6. Anything to get tOSU in the playoff, amirite?
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  7. Would be humorous if USC was actually who they took.
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    If they do, it will be because OSU played a much tougher schedule than Bama.
  9. Bama.

    The committee is taking back the sprout they gave to Ohio St.
  10. We all know who the first 3 are. I think Alabama should be the 4th, but I’ll say they take OSU. If so it’ll be the wrong pick IMO. I have little confidence in this one like I had the others, just don’t know if they’ll leave another conference out and give the SEC two.
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  11. I think the MUCH part is debatable. Big 10 is way overrated IMO.
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  12. It's supposed to be four best so if the concern about leaving a conference out comes into play while completely contradicting last year then we know this isn't what they say it is.
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  13. If they pick the team that could win a playoff game, it’s Bama. Ohio State or Wisconsin would get obliterated by Clemson. Eyeball test.
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  14. Seems to me the 13th data point OSU would claim isn't that great. What's better: 13 data points with two losses or 12 with one loss.
  15. Last year OSU got in on the latter. So if they argue the opposite this year then, again, it is all a sham.
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  16. Only one data point matters to the committee.

  17. Big 10 has power, and taking 2 from SEC and leaving out “historical” big 10 would cause some major butt hurt. I hope it happens and we can get to 8.

    Ps. Why is Wisconsin just an afterthought? They have one loss to a top team and played for conference title. Their resume is very similar to Bamas, but their loss was in a game where bama was at home.
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  18. CFP putting OSU or USC over Alabama might put the SEC on notice to avoid buying more than home two cupcake wins per year.

    Fresno State's righteous booting from the top 25 just might be the difference here.
  19. I just want Ohio State left out. I don't care if they put in Kansas instead.
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  20. They shouldnt, nor over bama.

    It SHOULD be Bama.
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