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Week 3: TCU @ Purdue

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Davis is a burner for sure but don't know about his hands (he had a couple of drops against APB). GP likes Demercado, has said so numerous times. Believe he or someone else that has good decision making and hands. Turp rarely fumbled a punt.
  2. Maybe he's related to Christopher Plummer. He can act like a quarterback.
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  3. Really would prefer someone who can just catch a punt. Please don't take me back the Skye Dawson hand-wringing of "are we going to end up with the ball?"
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  4. That poster is me.

    What I meant is, pick a position for the other team to have a good player. Imagine their QB is a good pass first QB and RB/rushing game is so so, or Vice versa:

    1. Pass first QB - Purdue has struggled against these teams, all things equal, since 2003. We haven’t had three linebackers who are good in pass coverage since then. You wouldn’t have to be a very good team at all for me to be worried if you had colt Brennan at QB

    2. RB/rushing attack - Purdue does very well when they can key on a back without having to worry about a QB who can pick them apart with accurate passes to receivers on the move. Take last year’s game with Boston college. Dillon was supposed to be this amazing back. Anthony brown couldn’t pass accurately to receivers in stride. Wasn’t a whole field passer. Purdue took Dillon away and BCs offense couldn’t do anything.

    I’ll take my analysis over your rivals guy.

    6:52 - “Quarterback is a new guy, little bit of a question mark there too”

    Slight problem.. he’s talking about the number one passer in the nation through two games. This stooge sounds like a lot of raiders fans I’ve met. I think he thinks you guys will beat us about 77-3, before he leads TCU to canton Ohio to demand some damn answers lol
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    LMAO at Rivals. I didn’t even know we had a Rivals site. I would totally ignore whatever goes on over there. Try 247/Horned Frog Blitz
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  6. I have no idea. To my knowledge nobody here spends any time on that site so it might be a perfect platform for him. If you think he sucks go over there and call him on it.
  7. Pretty sure purple menace is a rivals site. That podcast is easily the most listenable of any of the Tcu pods as well.
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  8. Thanks for visiting. Please go back to your mental facility after the TCU game.

    Sindelar is not the nation’s #1 passer or anywhere close to it with tempo adjusted or advanced statistics. He is #1 in pass attempts and pass yards, which mean nothing in the grand scheme.

    Your own fan base mocked him for being [ the old ricardo ]y and acting like he’s an NFL 1st round lock.

    While our offense was terrible last year, it was still better than BC, which has a consistent bottom 30 offense and hasn’t had a QB since Matt Ryan.

    Here’s one realistic ranking of pass efficiency. https://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/current/individual/8

    QBR is another
  9. Hmmmm...we seem to have a pretty good record against Wisconsin in recent history.
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  10. So a way for moron to say that would be this..

    “Elijah Sindelar is young and there are some question marks there.”
    “Well, you realize he is number one in passing yards in the nation right?”
    “Yes, but only 36th in passing efficiency. Of course, now would be a good time to note that in pass efficiency, Max Duggan is 57th and Alex Delton is 116th.. and that after playing Arkansas Pine Bluff.. so I guess we have some REAL question marks at that position.”

    You also showed you aren’t that bright with the Boston college comment. One of your posters tried to mock where I was going by stating that when teams struggle to pass we play better. I gave BS as an example. Another would be vandy, who got all of their yards in garbage time.

    To line up and run us off the line you have to be better all across your line than TCUs guards graded out per PFF against APB.

    Ohio State lol. Go ask their fans if they wanna play at Ross Ade any time soon.
  11. Yeah, my bad on that one. Horned Frog Blitz is the 247 site. Was typing and listening to whoever Billy Wessels (spelling?) is at the same time.
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  12. I mentioned Ohio State saying they are the only team y’all play consistency with the team speed we have.
  13. I was giving an example of the style we struggle with. Your offense does not play that style.

    I do believe that when you have a clash between a defensive coach like Patterson and an offensive coach like Brohm.. the game will usually be won between TCUs O and Purdue’s D
  14. 3-5 in Ross Ade since 2000...

    I’m expecting a good game. Unlike all
    Three of the fan bases we’ve faced, I respect our opponent this week...
  15. Like I already said, you have comprehension issues or a bird brain.

    I never mentioned Sindelar’s age. The filter blocked out “overly confident” or a D-bag

    Here’s the ESPN QBR rating. I didn’t want to overwhelm you with numbers. I’m sure you can’t count larger than your number of fingers and toes.


    Duggan is ahead of Sindelar. Does it matter through 2 games? Not much...but Sindelar isn’t a Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence which is what you’re claiming.
  16. Incorrect. I didn’t TRY to mock you. I DID mock you. Kick rocks dude.
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  17. Jesus Christ you’re stupid. I was taking issue with the tcu rival guys comments. He did mention his age and act as though he was talking about a young kid who completed 6 passes for 67 yards or something
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    I don’t subscribe to any of the pay sites but I find 247 has the best articles and purple menace the best pod.
  19. I wish there was a simulated game between us and Purdue, so we could have something solid to base our thoughts on.
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  20. Your first visit here is going well.
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