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Week 3: TCU @ Purdue

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Wanted to have a dedicated thread for discussing this week's game.

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  2. Here's one amataeur take from one of their posters over at their board: https://purdue.forums.rivals.com/threads/second-viewing-long-as.175957/
    Watched the game for second time, here’s what I think:

    > Brohm gets it. He took one look v. Nevada, which you can’t do halfway through Nevada, and he realized that short passes are this teams run game, which he addressed after..

    You could kinda see Brohm wanting to go into shut it down mode and then stopping himself and realizing that this team is not gonna pull that off.

    > A fair viewing shows that vandy sold out on the run. They run a 3-4 but had their OLBs up on the line in a 5-2 look most of the time. A few times I counted six just at the line.

    This seemed bizarre. It gave us the middle of the field. The thing if anyone goes back and watches, is that with hopkins and Moore playing the way they were, they needed depth from their front. There is one play where hopkins is lined up on the left with Moore slotted below him (3Q - the ref pick drive), each has a defender over him. Hopkins drags his man out and there’s no one to the inside of Moore, who gets hit with a pass and has plenty of room... gets a first.

    > Sindelar, at least for one day, answered a huge question.

    Can you give him receivers short and force him to make a touch throw on the money? Will he put to much on it? If vandy coaches were asking that, it was a resounding no, and that’s a problem for opposing defenses.

    Back to the last point. To appropriately defend hopkins and Moore in the middle.. with Sindelar throwing the way he was, you have to bring defenders up and toward the middle, leaving less or no help on bell and Anderson and relying more on your DL to stop the run. When this happens, I think you see much easier runs for Horvath and Doerue. At least the ability to get 3 or 4 yards.

    > not sure about any of you, but any time we face a QB who isn’t a quality passer, and a team can’t pass first to beat us, since about 2003, we play our best defense. Our linebackers, all three of them (and not just Bailey) haven’t been outstanding in coverage since 03, to me. I thought BSU had been turning out better college passers, so I expected way more from neal.

    > Sindelar s success yesterday is the product of so many people. Moore and Hopkins being huge stars, the offensive line holding on for dear life in pass coverage to give him just enough time, Horvath being a tough tough kid. The rest of these backs and receivers working hard and growing each day. Says a lot that Sparks is grinding for those results continuously. Anderson plays with a real edge. Bell appears to grow up by the quarter. Durham’s size reminds me of that hockenson kid from Iowa. The coaches obviously .. everyone coming together and then Elijah showing that he’s learned something in these up and down years.

    Last year we saw David Blough grow as the year went on. If this kid does the same, look out.

    > Huge Huge Huge Huge to see this team hold their own at defensive tackle and grow by the quarter without a player like Lorenzo Neal. Can’t remember the last time a player that good was out and the next guy held their own.

    I’m used to asking where a player like Lawrence Johnson is for another months or years after this point. For him to step in and hold his own is outstanding. Loved the hit on neal that led to the INT. IIRC, we were told that Sullivan would be a good player, but we might not see him till his 4th year.. here we are seeing him as a redshirt freshman.

    If neal is out next week and he’s back for minnesota, it’s gonna be something I’ve never seen to have that many DTs who can play to rotate in behind neal and Watts.

    > Glad Cornel Jones was back but that there isn’t the reliance on him that there was last year. If he was to act the same way, he probably realizes he’d just be out, so it was great to see his physicality without the extra stuff. Ben Holt didn’t show up on screen for any bad reasons, which was nice. Nice solid player.

    > Major and Mackey being as good as they’ve been.. reminds me of last year when I said I’d cut a toe off to have anthony Brown and Brandon King as a tandem on last years team. Major to me was already pretty good. Dedrick Mackey has come a LONG way to play that well with a groin.

    > Special teams was about the only area where we netted negative results yesterday. If Brohm wants to scream at someone in meetings, I hope Sindelar gets a pass and he goes in that room.

    > this week I’ll be curious with TCUs nose tackle if they give the extra attention to Moore and Hopkins and dare us to run it.

    > been outstanding to see Anderson and bell come in as the athletes that they are and play this well. Anderson to me has kind of hit the ground running as what people thought Sparks would be (and Sparks getting in there nicely yesterday) last year.

    Bell is getting as open as Zico. His next step is to have a throw come his way like the one Watkins mugged him on and picked off on the penalty, and fight Watkins off to either get the P.I. or bring in a huge contested catch. It’s a lot to ask because that position can get more physical than the slot, but I think he’s up to the challenge. Kid has an aura like he knows what he wants to be in life and he’s gonna go take it. Like Moore, Graham and Karlaftis, Bell doesn’t have that freshman look to him.

    > Wright is the biggest combo of size and speed at WR. I think now that Brohm has realized that we’ve reached that point where we can get outside receivers as wide open as Zico was getting last year, he’s gonna spring wright for a huge play very soon.

    > finally, I predicted 34-28 vandy.. crow please.

    I thought the TE would be full go but he was hampered. I expected more from neal and for their defense to adjust. Our guys decided to come out and swing for the face early and often. This took over two games last year. This year it was game two.

    This team looks like a team that can beat teams I didn’t think they could, right now. We will see against TCU. They should be favored but I think we can win a close one

    Oh and one more thing.. Moore to me is like if you put all the best of Taylor Stubblefield and Joey harris into one guy lol
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  3. Here's the press conference from their head coach for this week's game:


    The fifth-year senior won Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week honors after hitting 34-of-52 passes for 509 yards with five touchdown throws and a rushing TD. But Sindelar’s status for this Saturday night’s visit from TCU is murky after he suffered what Jeff Brohm called a “slight concussion."

    “I think it was a concussion, a slight concussion,” said Brohm at his Monday press conference. “We will monitor and see how he passes all the tests and go through the proper protocol and hopefully get him back if he’s ready to go.”

    Sindelar isn’t the only player Brohm is worried about. Right guard Matt McCann left Saturday’s game with an injury.

    “He is probably the one we are most concerned about,” said Brohm. “We are getting more tests that were done today that will give us a further grasp of where he is at. Yes, we have concerns about his availability.”

    Interview with Rondale Moore for TCU game:
  4. Astute observation by that poster that Purdue plays better defense when the other team doesn’t have a good passer.
  5. It shouldn’t surprise me with Ohio State the only team they play consistently that has any speed, but I think our team speed/athleticism will shock more than a few of the posters I’ve seen on their board.
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  6. Cool, I couldn't find any threads about the Purdue game.
  7. They ran a QB out there who lined up behind the OG instead of Center. He needs to sit
  8. There seems to be a lot of Purdue fans that feel like the Purdue QB won’t play due to that concussion. Which by the way was suffered on hit running 3 and 15 in the 4thQ Up 18...Bet Brohm wants a do over
  9. His backup is freshman Jack Plummer out of Arizona. Pretty highly rated kid coming out of HS. No idea if he's related to the great Jake Plummer. He's not his son but I wouldn't be surprised if there is some connection there.
  10. does the kid wear a trench coat, cycling gloves, have long hair, and wear an eye patch?
  11. He should play.
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  12. I expect him to play and I would imagine so does GP...
  13. I actually did this once in HS. I had turned around to tell the RB where he was supposed to be going or the snap count or whatever, and when I turned back around to put my hands under center I was apparently behind the LG instead. He did not appreciate the mid-game how's your father from his QB. He popped up so fast you would have thought I actually inserted something.
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  14. For those that continue to want Reagor to get maximum touches per game via receiving, running, kickoffs and punt returns, per the Startlegtram today:

    “With a good player the thing you have to remember is ‘X’ amount of touches,” Patterson said. “If you get too many touches it’s hard to stay healthy through the season."

    Obviously this doesn't sit well with some but GP is the boss - said he did the same procedure with Turpin - touches were limited to preserve him for the full season. Would look for Demercado to get some punt returns. Barlow would probably be outstanding at it but being a freshman, probably not going to see that happen.
  15. I watched the entire Purdue-Vanderbilt game, Vanderbilt was just too sloppy on defense. I thought whoever called their defense did a good job but the players did not execute well, specifically on angles on balls in the air.
  16. Pretty sure Davis is the one that would be on punt returns, not Demercado

  17. Are you the same poster that maniac quoted above?
  18. Well whatever GP thinks the max is that’s what I wasn’t him to get.
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