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Week 3 - Other Games

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TooColdU, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Don’t you live in Vegas?
  2. Notre Dame not taking it easy on their old coach.
  3. Yes but I travel for work and Iowa is one of my territories. My territory is everything west of Milwaukee for the company I work for. Home base is Las Vegas, then Phoenix, San Diego, Boise, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland, All of Montana, Denver, All of Iowa, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Tulsa, Omaha, Corpus Christi, and Waco(barf)
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  4. Chuba is a really good back but they are going to get him hurt using him as much as they do
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  5. TD OK St

  6. I hate the Oklahoma State wave thing they do
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  7. Their QB TD had me laughing.
  8. The paddle banging or whatever is what I hate. Plus seems like they put all their “healthiest” fans and students on the front row to do that.
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  9. Beth Mowins ruins everything.
  10. Showgirl daughter said that was hands down the loudest place she traveled to because of those. Think the stadium holds the noise in well also.
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  11. 90 yard TD pass for OSU. 33-21
  12. Man oh man ! Great catch and run TD
  13. Did you plan a second date?
  14. Same as Kansas....
  15. Tulsa QB is missing all kind of reads
  16. Cuz he's a Baylor transfer
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  17. Did you count Tapefingers and the Baylor staff as Tulsa fans?
  18. Nice little goal line stand for OK St.
  19. Is Jeff Lebby the one with the crazy wife who kept talking all that junk saying everyone at Baylor was innocent?
  20. Ga Southern up 32-28 at Minnesota after a scoop and score by the defense. Under 4 left..

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