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Week 3 - Other Games

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TooColdU, Sep 13, 2019.

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  2. Yes, nutjob Staley Lebby, Art's daughter.
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  3. Awful clock management by Minn. Just wasted close to 45 seconds with under 2 min left.
  4. Minnesota going to pull it out of their ass again like last week

    They needed a late 4th and 13 desperation heave in the end zone last week to force OT and won, this week completing a 3rd and 30.
  5. Since we’re all in here right now.....

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  6. TD OSU
    They will win (2:30 left)
  7. May have to rethink my opinion of UCF then.
  8. LVH hoping for a garbage time cover
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  9. Drama in Minnesota!
  10. Minnesota will win
  11. Big 12 is 3-0 with two layups (OU and UT) remaining. Very real chance of winning 6-7
  12. Will believe it when the game starts
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  13. Minn QB just lateraled a spike but nobody is noticing
  14. Anyone hires that guy is instantly a hated program for me.
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  15. Technically they converted a 4th and 8, but yes.
  16. 6-7 should almost be a lock. OSU is finishing off Tulsa right now.
  17. TD Minn
    Great finish
  18. Getting confirmed on multiple sites. Very elaborate ruse if he plays.
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  19. Unless TU turns it over LVH should get his cover
  20. NM...LVH loses

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