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Week 3 - Other Games

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TooColdU, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Pac12 is 10-ply tissue-soft. ACC too. If the trend holds up B12 stands to come out of the weekend looking like the best or second-best conference in P5.
  2. Lots of posters here tried to spin it as a positive
  3. Could go 7-0 this week vs P5 teams, but I have seen nothing from Iowa State this season or in this game so far to lead me to believe they are any good and can beat Iowa
  4. Some tried to spin it as less negative than others but I don't recall anyone who thought it met expectations.
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  5. Rain in Iowa huh...wish it would rain here.
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  6. I do not get it...lightning and only the camera crew leaves?
  7. Welp never mind...ref answered that for me.
  8. We define “lots” and “positive” differently.
  9. Got 3 inches in like 45 minutes on Thursday here in the Hill Country.
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  10. They appear to have taken a step back this year.
  11. Stanford..... yikes
  12. Envious...
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  13. but were they ever arkansas pine bluff bad?

    we turn to lvh for the answer
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  14. And BYU is up on USC with 2 INTs of Slovis.
  15. Fun game, if you like UCF. They’ve basically been able to do whatever they have wanted to, so far.
  16. 20-14 OSU..... I’m on fire in this thread so far.
  17. how david shaw garners so much respect for a program that has been slowing sliding is a mystery to me
  18. I was telling people this morning that Oklahoma State -14 was not as easy as it seemed on paper

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