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Week 3 - Other Games

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TooColdU, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. ACC looking just awful. Maryland, Va Tech v Furman. Ga Tech v Citadel.
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  2. Not like Temple....
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  3. WV D holds. 31-27
  4. Looking forward to ISU/Iowa
  5. So many nice passes to the TE down the seams.
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  6. Maryland is in the Big Ten but your point still stands
  7. Oh ya...then Boston College and NC State can take their place...
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  8. The fact that Maryland blew out the supposed 2nd best team in the ACC isn't a ringing endorsement for the ACC
  9. KSU driving...... at MSU 20 just under 7 minutes left. Tied at 24
  10. WV with a nice 4th down stand
  11. Guy I am sitting next to at Westgate this morning: "NC State and Maryland are as much of a lock as locks get, put your retirement accounts on them". Not just to other people, but saying this, really loud, to everyone here. He put both of them in a parlay for $1500. Right now he looks like he is about to roll over and die.
  12. KSU drops an easy pick but holds on 4th and 16 on the next play. They take over at MSU 20 with about 2 minutes left.
  13. Big 12 closing in on starting 3-0 in games that I thought would probably be 0-3.
  14. Wow that’s Miss St QB got launched into the air.
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  15. [ #2020 ]load of empty seats in StarkVegas.
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  16. Not sure if MSU is any good but KSU has looked solid today. Could easily be up 20 or more.
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  17. Baseball school
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  18. They must allow in and out
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