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We just ignoring Rhule trying to play a concussed Brewer today?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. Rhule better sell high. With as many close wins that they had and the amount of seniors, next year will most likely look very differently.
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  2. I guess they didn't get a "Sic Em Jesus" during the invocation today....
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  3. Yeah he's a good coach but you can't expect all those things to go your way.... especially the totally blown call against Tech and to a lesser extent the call against TCU
  4. Most of what is heard indicates it was arranged through a businessman in a smaller town out a bit west.
  5. Call me too conservative, stick in the mud, not wanting to tick off the man upstairs, but I have an issue with a minister doing that. Kinda like the Rhule 20:19 t-shirts they were doing this week.
  6. Just sorta shocked about him sending a guy with a concussion back on the field without really checking it out. I had hoped he was a bit more classy guy than that, because … let's be honest, bu needs that badly. Guess he could have just not known, but seriously, it does not seem like the first time.
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  7. Regardless of reason the prayer and the t-shirt are just dumb. With a BofT, an athletic department, fans, etc. that act the way they do, pulling the religious card is just very hypocritical.
  8. In the interview he said they wanted to err on the side of caution. Kiss my ass, Rhule.
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  9. Err on the side of caution after being told to by the refs.
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  10. "I didn't know anything," Rhule said after the game.
    Straight from the Art Briles rules of coaching.
  11. Surprised Rhule didn't call Brewer a tough hombre.
  12. I've been saying Baylor has had a plug and play system, but I meant with QBs and receivers. Apparently it goes for coaches as well.
  13. ditto
  14. Holy Crap Crackers, he is actually pulling the Briles "I was unaware" line?!?!?!
    Guess he missed the obvious clue of his qb walking off the field like a human bobble head.
  15. I believe the coach has no say in these matters. I think the medical team clears the players not the coach.
  16. That's the way it's SUPPOSED to be. You'd have to be incredibly naive to believe it's happening that way on every team. Just go read about how Jimbo Fisher took control of the medical staff at A&M when he got there to see how some of this stuff is done.
  17. It is funny to me reading all of these post knowing GP did the exact same thing with Boykin against Baylor 6-7 years ago when Boykin got lit up when he was a WR and GP sent him back out there where he jumped off sides. GP even mentioned it after the game when talking about Dixon’s cheap shot. We were playing form nothing too. How soon we forget and the medical staff make the call.
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  18. Are you of the belief that athletic training staffs or physicians are incapable of mistakes, incompetence, negligence or worse? And BTW, a coach can see a kid stumbling off the field as easy as you, I or the medical team can. My comments aren’t about Rhule or Baylor. But, in general.
  19. Except Rhule already admitted that brewer only talked to Trainers and Coaches - not the Dr that makes the call - and when he told them he was fine, they let him go back out

    so they basically ignored the new requirement that the Dr make the call
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