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We just ignoring Rhule trying to play a concussed Brewer today?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. It was so obvious that the ref had to send him off the field?
  2. disgusting and there should be extreme consequences not just because he tried but because he did.
  3. Rhule was being treated like a saint in here last week. Showed his true colors today.
  4. Ignore Rhule. He's Baylol's problem. Let karma work itself out.
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  5. Comical him yelling at the ref after his OL was 10 yards down field blocking. I’m convinced this isn’t the first time Brewer played with a concussion this year
  6. He had trouble getting up a few times against the Frogs.
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  7. Brewer has to watch a replay of OT to know what happened
  8. How much did brewer play today?
  9. I’m convinced Baylor struck a deal with the devil. Hell, the entire city/county of Waco did. No way that hellhole of a city/school should be getting anything go it’s way.

    My only hope is that the high speed rail is built and completely bypasses that dump.
  10. Baylol put in their rightful place
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  11. Jugbandxmas ending a post with a dump
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  12. Yep, the guy ain't as squeaky clean as people think. Like his assistant that he brought from Temple that was arrested in the first month in Waco.
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  13. He will move on soon. He cant afford to be there when the NCAA hits. They are being looked at for recruiting stuff. Supposedly the type of arrangements the boosters at Clemson pulled in the 80s.
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  14. Where did you hear this? I’ve never heard anything about this?
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    Been out there for a while. They started digging after the sex assaults. That's also when folks started hearing about the truck arrangement for the qb that would go on to transfer to Auburn.
    They have that one investigation going to their other committee, but one would think that is still related to the rapes. Since they did not report those because they wanted to keep them on the field, it can be argued that they covered it up for competitive advantage.
  16. The truck was known about before Stidham ever stepped foot on campus. I doubt the NCAA does a thing, they are just kicking the can down the road.
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  17. It was widely discussed on this board.
  18. Well somebody had to be making those payments both in Waco and Auburn.

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