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We just ignoring Rhule trying to play a concussed Brewer today?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Dec 7, 2019.

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  2. fairly sure less that the settlement paid so far by baylor to the coeds assaulted, then there was that cat's owner, then the family of the basketball player killed by his teammate that was covered up by the head basketball coach, less than wheeler's family was paid in settling the wrongful death suit against fixx, and definitely less than the check cut to pepper hamilton
  3. Guy was making a decently fair comparison to his feelings toward Baylor (hate). Don’t really think he was trying to invoke a political argument.
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  7. This is the first Google entry when you search dunbass.

  8. I thought it was a fish.
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  9. Man, when the Baylor scandal broker a few years ago, I was really afraid that people would bring up our incident that came to light almost 10 years earlier. We dodged a bullet on that one:


    Then theres that whole student who committed suicide because of the hazing charges. I'm glad no one has said that TCU bear any responsibility for the lack of action concerning hazing. Dodged a bullet on that one too.

    If anyone brings up the TCU drug ring bust from 8 years ago, I will defend our wonderful university. I will point out that every institution of higher learning deals with issues and no one school is perfect, although they like to pretend they are.

    If anyone tries to bring up Mike Tuaua and keystone light, I will deflect and bring up the Mixon assualt tape. Wow, that girl got knocked out cold by that OU player.

    Although I wish GP would be more careful about choosing QBs. I hate to give those POS students at Baylor and UT any ammunition.... you know, Turpin and the whole girlfriend "incident", Boykin's "incidents" with the cops and his girlfriend. It really upsets me when the trailer park trash from other schools want to bring that up when I'm slamming them for their school's.

    I refuse to live in a glass house
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    Or you could quit trolling and just bring up Baylor basketball player LaceDarius Dunn breaking his girlfriend’s jaw, or the Baylor baseball team torturing and killing Queso the cat, the Baylor basketball murder or Baylor paying freshmen to retake the SAT so they can report the (hopefully) higher score...
    I mean it is Baylor, the scandals aren’t hard to find despite all their efforts at covering them up.
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    When trolls like Will show up I will make the incontrovertible point that in absolutely none of those cases did TCU leadership at any level attempt to cover any of it up. Truth be told, the university seemed a little too eager to air out the dirty laundry before the media in most of those cases.

    I'll also point out that unlike Josh Gordon, Mixon, etc. our guys like Boykin have become the unfortunate butt of many jokes around here. We no longer consider them great Frogs. We'd all love to see them straighten out their lives, but nobody will defend their actions or lament the decisions made to part ways with them in the ways they happened.

    After I point those things out I'll mount my high horse once again and donkey punch the troll before trotting off behind the ignore feature.
  12. He/She’s trying so hard but the Baylor dorkiness is strong. Can you imagine having no life and going to other team’s fan boards to post and only coming across as a rapelor loser. The dork spent all night writing and rewriting the post over and over hoping it would somehow please the memory of rape enablist CAB.
  13. The KEY DIFFERENCE here is that our head coach and administration didn’t cover any of that up. Every school has issues. Baylor however is the ONLY ONE that clung to the idea that raping female students was OK if you just pretended you didn’t know about it. Anyone who fails to grasp that difference is an ignorant [ Arschloch] of the highest order.
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  15. On mobile:

    1) click on username
    2) click ignore
    3) go back to more enjoyable ways of lowering your office productivity than arguing with a guy who forgets that his school covered up multiple gang rapes
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  16. Most of you won't be able to put me on ignore. I'm in your head now.

    I never attended Baylor, have nothing to do with Baylor and don't care about Baylor. I think Art Briles was a joke, not liked by anyone outside of Baylor and a POS. He was building a house of cards and it was always going to catch up with him. Whether it be the scandal or the fact his players kept washing out of the NFL. Not a good look for recruiting.

    I'm trying to merely point out that football fans are the most asinine and hypocritical bunch on the planet. You think you have class? You think your coach has class? You think TCU is above anyone? - think again, think again, think again.

    Next to Tech, TCU fans are the worst.

    Just for the record, I went to Rice - I don't give a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] about Baylor. Yes our football team sucks and no, I couldn't care less. As for college football, my wife went to OSU, so that's who we root for in my house.

    I have a co-worker that went to TCU and he is the most obnoxious person I've ever met. I've told him more than once to get out of my office when he wants to tout the greatness that is TCU football and Gary Patterson.... I don't give a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] and I hope he's reading this.
  17. scheiss off, dickweed.
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  18. You seem very invested in things you don’t care about. I expect more from a Rice grad. #hootem
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