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  1. Where words fail - prayer succeeds.

    As always - you're in my prayers everyday, Wes.


    Go Frogs!
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  2. NEGU
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  3. You're in my thoughts and prayers every day.
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  4. Cheers to you, Wes!
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  5. Thanks Quilter
  6. Here here!!!
  7. Hang in there as long as you can Wes, you’re an inspiration. Prayers to you and your family
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  8. Doing my best
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  9. Wes, your journey through this has been beautiful, funny, poignant, and inspiring. I’m in the stage of life where I’m reflecting a lot on all of our mortality. This adventure ends for all of us, and when we’re young, we never stop to think that oh, so this is how it ends. Very few of us get to think about it, and it catches us by surprise when it comes to someone close to us.

    You are writing your own ending to your story. You are writing it with grace, humor, humility, and a touch of defiance. You are not a burden to your wife or daughter—you are giving them the gift of a lovely, loving farewell. They will look back on this last year as a tremendous blessing, to get to spend this time with you intentionally, knowing how much it means.

    I pray for a miracle for you every day. God is able, and may choose to honor your prayer for healing. Whether He does that, or takes you home, know that you have made a difference in the lives of many, and have given your family, and your extended KF family, a lasting legacy of faith, faithfulness, humor, friendship, and so much more. That is not a tragedy. It is something to be celebrated.

  10. Bored any of us? Your posts and the way you have handled this are nothing but inspiration. The way you have handled this situation is amazing. Hopefully the Avastin will give you some comfort. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Keep skating brother.
  11. Well said!
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  12. ^^^^^^^
    This. Very well said.
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  13. Doc- do you have an opinion on the new proton radiation? I know Wes’ is a difficult cancer to treat, but maybe this is an option (although approval from the insurer can be difficult from what I gather). I don’t know that it’s more effective than traditional radiation, but have heard it causes less collateral damage.
  14. I don’t know much about that field of medicine. It’s constantly changing.
  15. Wes,

    Did you ever check into Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and lions mane mushroom?

    So essentially, the brain uses 30% of the body’s oxygen. Using hbot doubles the blood oxygen content a promoted healing and stem cells. Joe Namath used it for concussions and probably cte.

    People use it for brain matter issues from Parkinson’s, lymes, and cancer. They showed it increased stem cells by 8 fold.

    Lions mane is the [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]
  16. Hyperbaric oxygen has been described as a solution looking for a problem for the past 30 years. So much promise but, except for wound healing, venous air embolisms, and diving issues (the bends), it has mostly disappointed.
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  17. One of the better posts I’ve ever read on here.
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  18. Not true. Besides Wound healing( that’s huge), tbi, ms, fibromyalgia, dementia, etc , its a complete failure......
    If hbot had their own reps and sales techs circulating in and throughout hospitals we might have “willing” physicians. Truth is that oxygen and pressure isn’t patentable so we will never have that. It’s actually pretty widely accepted in Europe and other places. And much cheaper .

  19. https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy/about/pac-20394380

    The Mayo Clinic site stays fairly up to date. I should have added carbon monoxide poisoning. The vision loss and hearing loss treatments are still up in the air based on what I hear from leaders in those areas.
    The rest have to do with the things I mentioned.
    All of the others are listed as insufficient evidence.
    That is what I have seen over the years. The treatment looks really promising and a few studies come out in low end journals suggesting benefit. Then, the excitement fades as the treatment doesn’t turn out to be as advertised and people lose interest.
    I’m not saying it doesn’t work, I’m just saying that most end up very disappointed by how it works out.
  20. Wes,

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I've enjoyed meeting you and our discussions while football tailgating last year. I think we agree on far more than not. (Muck being the not.) Your passion and dedication over the years have meant so much.

    Your grace is inspirational. Micah would be proud. NEGU!

    As you posted not long ago..., Tired has a purpose. A mission. I look forward to his thoughts, and I will honor his dream.

    God bless-


    I post rarely, more often drunk than not, as others may attest. This is a hard and unforgiving crowd and while sober I know better than to post my inebriated opinion! (I need to be sober more when I look at this forum!)

    While I post rarely, I've never shared about myself. I thought I might a bit, considering the standard you've set. (and after this baseball game, I'm well into the whisky..)

    I've been a TCU fanatic for 35 years. Wife and I are 1st generation alumni. We paid our way. I've got two girls (14 and 16) aspiring to attend. I am a multi sport season ticket holder. My seats are always filled with purple.

    I am also a victim of the +4 and re-stack. And yes, when the coaches express frustration at attendance and how the lower bowl behind the team looks on TV, I get worked up.

    I am consistently disappointed in Muck, who fails to write a kind word about TCU, much as he fails at journalism, and writing coherent thoughts. I do not understand why he gets treated so well, by the school and here, while his work seems so undeserving.

    I have faith in our coaches. I have faith in our athletes. I give them my best and I expect them to do the same. Anything less and I feel they are letting themselves, their team, fans, and TCU down.

    Anyway... I have rambled more than is prudent. Time to pour another whisky. I raise this one to you, Wes, and anyone else who cared to read this far. ;-)

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