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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, May 15, 2019.

  1. after my recent hospitalization and a meeting with my oncologist yesterday, I am faced with some tough decisions.

    Looking at all of myMRi’s side by side you can see a small clearly defined tumor and then you can see a bunch of “ fuzzy stuff” that is everywhere. The fuzzy stuff is the concern. Surgery could be an option but my fear is that it would be pretty invasive in the frontal lobe, which is pretty much the control center of the brain, especially with cognitive functions and problem solving. Since my initial surgery last March, I have noticed some cognitive function having been affected and at times I have problems “ closing the loop on what should be easy tasks or chores. My depth perception an peripheral vision have been affected to the point that I no longer drive as I am a danger to myself and others.

    Radiation is a possibility but it has its own risks and I could be turned into zombie again. It was easy but did a number on me.

    My one decent option is to go back on the Avastin IV. It won’t harm me or cure the cancer but it soften some of the neurological effects that I deal with
    So I am ruling out surgery and radiation and Going with Avastin.

    There are no easy answers with this. I’m basically taking the easier path that has little or no risk but even less reward. All it might do is help make me a little more comfortable and there is no guarantee of that but as I said, it can’t hurt me. In fact the only side effect that I have noticed is that I get extremely hoarse after the infusions and at times I can barely talk above a whisper. That means my debut with the Fort Worth Opera will be delayed

    I just didn’t want to go through brain surgery again because one of those in a lifetime is enough for me and the radiation just wore my old butt out the last time

    I realize how this is going to end and it may mean that last football season may have been my last one. It also means that the baseball game I saw In February may have been my last but I am honored to. Say that Jim Schlossnagle has become a dear friend

    I’m not saying goodbye because there is always that miracle that could happen and I’ll be around as much as possible but I have to be realistic about this, keep my perspective and take a hope for the best but prepare for the worst approach. I’ve Been doing that for a while anyway. Now I have no choice

    Wish I had better news, believe me I do, but I knew this was coming at some point. Now it’s time to man up and start facing reality
  2. You are an inspiration to me. You are giving this everything you got. I'm still praying for that miracle.
  3. No words, Wes, other than you're a very impressive individual. Hoping for the best for you.
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  4. Thanks but I’m just a guy trying to eat through this as best I can, without being a burden on my wife or daughter
  5. Wes, my heart is heavy reading your words. Your journey is further along the road of life than most, if not all of us, but we all follow behind - some much closer than we may realize. You've been given an opportunity to make peace with God and your fellow man as you walk the last few miles. May God grant you the strength and wisdom to walk through the valley with peace and comfort. Praying that God will walk the final miles with you and welcome you into his presence when the time comes. God bless you and thank you for allowing us into your life. Your legacy here at KF will last a very long time...
  6. I appreciate that but if I inspire you to do anything let it be to not ignore minor symptoms. Don’t think you are being a hypochondriac
  7. I appreciate your saying that. Thank you
  8. Your strength is your weapon in this fight. May God bless you and your family. I’m praying for you old friend. God speed!!!
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  9. Thanks YA
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  10. I hope the Avastin brings you the comfort you seek. And I can promise you that no matter what your family will never consider you a burden. My dad was very ill for a few years and passed in my early 20's. I cherished every moment with him even acting as a care giver.
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  11. T
    gank you. There have been times, as I have written these, that I stopped and said to myself, Aw these guys don’t want to hear this, but I am the kind of guy who needs to talk and express himself, and so I’ve kept going

    I hope that it hasn’t bored any of you
  12. You are way, way stronger than I would be under the same circumstances.

    Keep your head up.
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  13. It takes a sting person to articulate your situation the way you did. I am hoping for a miracle for you. I am very impressed with your fortitude. Stay strong my friend.
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  14. Wes,

    We're grateful for your candor. I can't speak for everyone, but this is a great community here and I care about a lot of folks here, you included, in the same way I do good friends from church (a similar type of small community). The same way I would want to know how someone at church is doing so that I could know how to pray for and care for them I want to know about you too.

    You're a good dude and I feel helpless reading most of your recent updates. I pray you feel God's peace that surpasses our understanding. No situation is hopeless with Him.
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  15. Wes you have made a huge impact on a lot of people, most of whom you don’t even know. If all of us could say the same when we get ready to cross over to the other side, the world would be very blessed.

    I believe you have another football season in you. When you do get to the other side, ask Scott if he saw the Alamo Bowl.

    I look forward to your updates and your football takes this fall.
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  16. Wes...

    You are the scheissing man. Seriously....you are. Toughest SOB I've ever seen. Many times when I'm dealing with a boat problem at work I say to myself..."Just suck it up like Wes has and deal with it like he would." For real. Never gonna forget that.
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  17. NEGU Wes!
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  18. Wes,

    This is tough news, but you're a tough old cuss and you've already proven that many times over.

    Way back when, you and Scott were the main reasons I kept coming back to KillerFrogs -- Scott for his passion for TCU, and you for being the wise voice of reason whenever the board chatter took a left turn.

    I'm going to continue to pray for you and hope for a miracle. After 31-0 at the Alamo Bowl, don't say it can't happen.

    Keep us posted, my friend.

  19. Wes, I can’t believe in a span of 4 years we have lost Scott and you have gone through this. I know what you’ve lost personally and nothing can compare to that horribleness. You’re a great guy and I’m sorry you’re going through this. After your loss you deserve to live a 100 years.

    I’ll always appreciate those little things you do around here. And was always fascinated by your life in Australia. Very cool.

    Best Regards,
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  20. Thank you. I hoping to go down to Australia one more time but not sure I’m going to make it.
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