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Top Ten Overhyped Products in the Millennium

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Prince of Purpoole, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. on things over rated

    1) any ut sports team and sporting experience

    2) jim harbaugh's return to michigan

    3) in and out burgers and any krispy creme donut that isn't immediately off the line

    4) great call geezer on that hell for any male with an ounce of testosterone

    5) joe t garcia's

    6) espn bowl week

    7) all foreign movies with subtitles besides das boot

    8) most technological advances that supposedly make life easier and instead make things harder and kids dumber

    9) scheiss it, that is enough
  2. Check out “The Counterfeiters.”
  3. Movie theaters... there’s always a group of patrons with no etiquette.
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  4. The property tax value of my home.
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  5. Sorry about your Peyronie's Disease...
  6. The Dallas housing market
  7. Facebook.

    Why anybody values the ads on their site as high as they do is a mystery.
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  8. And, the most undervalued product of all time:
  9. I suspect I understand this and thought I had chosen my words carefully enough to avoid it. Alas, I failed.
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  10. I drink this beer occasionally. Is that bad?
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  11. ...and "Der Untergang," the Hitler biopic that not only was a great movie with a tremendous performance (Bruno Ganz), it also spawned one of the greatest-ever meme's: Hitler Rants

  12. You could always try a case without insurance and try to make living that way...
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  13. 1) Any lawyer whose face is on a bus.

    2) Any lawyer who uses a tiger,cowboy hat, bird, shark, hammer, his anatomy, or anything other than his track record in tough trials to sell his services.
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  14. I’ve microwaved Mexican food from a box in my freezer than was better than Joe T’s.
  15. Well done.
  16. Cheez-it Bowl?
  17. Don’t forget Gorilla. Faced them all. Not impressed with any.
  18. I finally tried Four Roses Single Barrel, and I have to say...I was underwhelmed.
  19. My Pillow vs Sobakawa Cloud. Go.
  20. [​IMG]

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