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Top Ten Overhyped Products in the Millennium

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Prince of Purpoole, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Number One: Pappy Van Winkle
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  2. Number two: automatic spellcheck
  3. This is the week of the year to find a Pappy at the liquor store. Down in Houston, I know of two restaurants that do a Pappy 10,12,15, and 20 year flight. Killen's in Pearland and Marias in Dickinson. Both great experiences.
  4. the millennials?
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  5. I had a server offer me a 1 1/2 oz serving for $120 the other day. Don’t even ask me the number of years aged...I don’t recall.
  6. Right. Should read Millennium. But again, I have never been able to edit since the update
  7. How do I access the slideshow?
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  8. Lol
  9. Funny you should mention it. I’ve wanted to try Pappy’s for quite a while. Impossible to find, even in those restaurants and bars that keep it on the menu. We were at the Trump hotel in DC last week and I finally got to try it. $100 for a one ounce pour of the 10-year (4 employees watched him pour it). And this was relatively inexpensive compared to their other offerings. I was mildly disappointed... for the money, give me Blanton’s.

    That hotel has a very high-end tasting room. You tell them what you want to spend, and they’ll set it up. It’s obviously for the high rollers. We toured the room with security right behind us.
  10. The 10 year is nothing special, unfortunately.
  11. Pappy can be tasty, but there's no I way I get $100 worth of enjoyment out of one drink when I could have anywhere from 10 drinks at a bar to an entire bottle of something just as good.
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  12. That’s what expense accounts are for.
  13. True, as long as your securing future business that is at least 25x the original expense.
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  14. Or you once worked for a giant bank that made money in spite of itself.
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  15. Goliath National?
  16. Is Pappy related to Robby? Kind of ironic in a way...he was one of the most overhyped products of the 20th century.
  17. I love my Pappy.

    Darn good stuff.

    Titlelist Pro VI is overrated.
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  18. If you can find the 10 or 12 for a decent price it’s worth trying once, but after that buy a bottle of Four Roses single barrel for under $40.
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  19. Back on topic.

    The sheer volume of insurance ads on every medium known to man.
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  20. Easy to make money and advertise like mad when an insurance company refuses to pay legitimate claims.
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