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title game tonight

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Tumbleweed, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Get your spreadsheet ready for next season! It's one of the fun things I look forward to, seeing everyone's season predictions. Geezer already thinks 6-6. Uh oh. ;)
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  2. Typically I launch that thing when the Frogs are done with Baseball. Some years it is later than others...
  3. I have almost zero interest in this bastardized season. The NHL should be embarrassed. I'll watch the Pens/Philly tomorrow then it's wake me up when the playoffs begin.
  4. If you like Navy history, check out this guy's YouTube channel. He is a Brit naval historian but presents entertaining, well researched videos on all of the major navies since WWI. Typical dry humor and distaste for the French. He provides detailed analysis of ship construction, gun batteries, etc. Some really good stuff!

  5. You're probably right, but I can't help wondering who wouldn't be a great coach with players like that.
  6. It appears Saban isn't going anywhere, anytime soon, even with his 7th title. This doesn't bode well for everyone else.
  7. Bama not only gets top tier signees like few others — but Saban & Co. develop them. For those of you who claim to have missed the game, you missed seeing champion that rivals last year’s LSU as one of the beat ever, IMO. Like it or not.
  8. This may be the most impressive trait. Guys who are juniors and seniors are much better than they were as freshman, even with their talent, across the board. How often do we see a Bama player regress? It may happen, but it certainly is the exception.
  9. Najee Harris is perfect example. #1 overall recruit coming out of HS and didn't really become a star until his senior year.
  10. there are number of people who have had great talent and done a poor coaching job. as others have pointed out there is the matter of player development, scheme, and play calling.

    one thing i don't think saban gets enough credit for is his willingness to continue to adapt what his teams do on the field to stay at the top of the college game.

    consider the difference in offensive and defensive schemes, personnel, play calling etc... now with what his alabama teams looked like and did at the start of this run
  11. if they don't buy in they are gone, bama doesn't waste their time with players who aren't buying in, and they do recruit over positions.
  12. The coaching is great, and player development likely is further enabled by an Uber-accommodating Tuscaloosa, as well as the ability to screen out apparent head cases while still getting 5 starsie talent three deep at every position.

    There’s a feedback loop of goodness- the ability to screen out, or at least run off any knuckleheads frees up the staff to do more coaching and less putting out fires. It’s a great established system running almost perfectly.
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  13. Isn’t he the guy who refused to commit to any school and just said he would show up where he was going to go when it was time to enroll?
  14. Bama is so good lol. They used to be beatable because they didn't have a QB. But now the SEC is getting good QBs.
  15. again, no doubt Saban is the best. But, consider this:

    Here is a breakdown of college programs and the number of 5-star recruits they have signed (or are scheduled to sign in 2021) since 2011 and the home states where those recruits played high school football.

    Alabama — 44
    Florida (13), Alabama (10), Texas (4), California (4), Virginia (2), New Jersey (2), Maryland (2), Louisiana (2), Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky, Hawaii, Georgia

    Georgia — 34
    Georgia (17), Florida (6), North Carolina (2), Alabama (2), Washington, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York, Nevada, Mississippi, Arizona

    Ohio State 26
    Ohio (6), Texas (5), Florida (5), Pennsylvania (3), Georgia (3), Washington, Virginia, Maryland, California

    Clemson 20
    Georgia (5), North Carolina (4), Florida (4), Tennessee, South Carolina, Ohio, Maryland, Indiana, Connecticut, California

    USC 19
    California (12), Florida (2), Washington, Utah, Nevada, Georgia, Delaware

    Florida State 19
    Florida (8), Virginia (3), Texas (2), Alabama (2), Tennessee, Mississippi, Maryland, District of Columbia

    LSU 19

    TCU.................how many?

  16. so the team that is closest to bama in regards to talent is uga who also is one of those programs that has underachieved with the talent that has gone through that program and why?

    talent is a big part, but it isn't purely talent as georgia has shown time and time again.

    tcu has 1 and tcu hasn't also continually reinvented itself inside the program
  17. 100% true, but also worth remembering he didn't begin to adapt until AFTER he tried and failed for a couple of years to force the NCAA to change the rules to slow down the HUNH offenses that were giving him trouble. Pretended it was about, "payer safety," lol. If he'd succeeded in getting the rules changed he might still be playing elephant ball. But all the credit in the world for changing when it became apparent the world wasn't gonna change to suit him.
  18. The interesting part is they start with off the field development. Class room, how to handle your business. How to handle your student budget. What to be careful of. How to give to the community. Saban said that they find that when they grow them up on the field and develpment them as a man, they are much more adapt to being coached. The committment is there. Any time there has been an ESPNU show or ESPN special or other doc on his program, I try to watch it. Just amazing how they operate.

    Saban will coach at least 5 more years. It seems to keep him young. The past few championships ... he has seemed to focus in enjoying it more.

    Kudos to Bama. This season was insane. What players everywhere had to go through was just unreal.
  19. UGA has a long history of "underperforming" based on what they expect of their program. Like Michigan. What they expect is different from the reality of what they bring in. And it has been that way for years.
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  20. Their scouting/recuiting budget is pretty stout. Yes, T-Town is accommodating. It is also a great environment. The campus is incredibly nice. Everytime I am on that campus I wonder if there are staff the vacuum the grass.

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