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title game tonight

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Tumbleweed, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. New camera angles, mics, replays and so forth. Gary will again
    give the audience his defensive opinions. Should be a good game IF Justin Fields can go. I kinda like Ohio States chances in this game.

    Here it is the 11th of January and if you're reading this, you've used good common sense on fighting covid [ hundin] 19.
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10 my interest level is about a 3.
  3. Big Fat Hairy Deal.
  4. Less interested than any championship game ever, but I’m still gonna watch. Glad they got a season in, but it will always have somewhat of an asterisk next to it. No matter who was playing.
  5. Watching Bridgerton. And I hate that show.
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  6. ^^^^Right. Wex. Will have his red and gray on for the fighting seeds^^^^
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  7. Where did you see that CGP is in the Film Room? It's not on his Twitter and all reports appear to say this:

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  8. GPs not participating this year.
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  9. No CGP? I'm watching a movie.
  10. that’s considerably higher than my interest in learning how interested you are.
  11. Just another "Monday Night Football" game...featuring well-paid coaches and players.

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    gary was far, far more interesting when it was a game involving ou and one of the other coaches was dana.

    last year wasn't nearly as entertaining as gary and the other coaches kept talking over each other
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  13. How'd you get it so high?
  14. I don't even know who's playing tonight, nor do I care to Google it.
  15. No CGP in the Film Room, no watching. Don't care.
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  16. I just can’t muster up much give a damn for this
  17. Trey Sermon is hurt on osu's first possession, second play of the game. Taken to the locker room. If he's out, the buckeyes don't stand a chance.
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  18. TWSS
  19. OL for Bama is pretty good, eh?

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