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title game tonight

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Tumbleweed, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. So very satisfying...
  2. This Alabama team may be better than last year LSU
  3. Justin Fields has a really long arm motion for an elite QB. Doesn't seem to affect his ability to make accurate throws and get the ball there on time but is just different looking.
  4. Gonna be really disappointed if Bama doesn't put up 60.
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  5. Yeah and he seemingly throws it really slowly often. Usually super accurate, but it’s a different style no doubt. I’d take Zach Wilson as QB2 in the draft ahead of Fields.
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  6. It’s amazing there can be this big of a gap between Bama and everyone else.

    Saban is the greatest coach in history and second might not even be close.
  7. In Herbie's opinion, it's a dynasty.
  8. Emotional Saban is very likeable.
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  9. Well college football fans, see you in September, hopefully.
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  10. I don't know what the TV will be but as strange as it sounds, those inclined only have to wait until February 19.

  11. Should be interesting.
  12. After beating us down for the last three years with the whole "rules expert" bit, they couldn't find one for the title game?
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  13. Aggy buddy been sending me stuff like this all night.

  14. send him links to the bowl game where they almost lost to UNC’s backups and needed to get bailed out late in the 4th quarter by their RB
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  15. Saban has the best recruiting pitch in college football.

    Found this on Reddit.


    Alabama keeps one of the most ridiculous streaks I've ever seen in college sports going... every player who played at least 3 years for Nick Saban's Alabama (the minimum amount of years out of high school before a player can declare for the NFL Draft) has won a National Championship.

    07 class - won in 09

    08 class - won in 09

    09 class - won in 09, 11

    10 class - won in 11, 12

    11 class - won in 11, 12

    12 class - won in 12

    13 class - won in 15

    14 class - won in 15

    15 class - won in 15, 17

    16 class - won in 17

    17 class - won in 17

    18 class - won in 20

    19 class - won in 20

    20 class - won in 20
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  16. This was a lie. I ended up in bed by the fourth quarter. Took a hell of a run at it though. I’m just old.
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  17. C'mon man, they had Herbie
  18. Who won? Could not care less.

    Let's play hockey!

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