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title game tonight

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Tumbleweed, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Herbie looks sad.
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  2. Believe it. When we cancelled our bowl game, I stopped following college FB.
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  3. Texas fans better hope Devonta Smith transfers to Austin with Sark.
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  4. As ugly as this is, it could have been worse if Bama wouldn't have had that fumble and PI that set up OSU's second td.
  5. The ACC scheissing sucks

    no wonder they went 0-6 this bowl season
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  6. Man, if Sark can lead a team like he calls a game...Eeek
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  7. If Sark brings that quarterback and that receiver with him to UT, we're sunk. Pretty easy to lead a team with players like that.
  8. I mean he also has Smith, Harris, Waddle (sort of)
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    On one of the comments, the guy says "We'd just like to beat TCU." LMAO!
  10. He and Wexosu are texting big tears emojis to each other...
  11. Just huge tears. It’ll take me awhile to get over this one. LOL.
  12. Basically would be our 3rd most productive WR on the season just in that first half. I'm not kidding.
  13. Regards: Three weeks ago ESPN put this information
  14. Bolden was one we almost had.
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  15. Yep. Down to us and Alabama. Kinda like choosing between a hot girl and a hot girl who actually puts out.
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  16. More like kind of pretty to hot slut.
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  17. Looked like another #33 we know trying to cut it outside on a running play.

    that should do it for the Buckeyes
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  18. Day called a miserable defensive game plan and a poor offensive one
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  19. Bama will probably lose 10-12 players early to the NFL and he ranked in the Top 3 preseason next year. Heck, OSU might too. Rinse, repeat.

    The only real hope of them having a “bad” year is they miss badly on a couple QB recruits or have a ton of injuries. But the easy transfer rules makes the former much less of a potential issue, they’ll just go grab one from somewhere else if they need it bad enough.
  20. Too much talent.

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