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This will mark the end of a historic TCU Baseball program....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by frogtex, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. The cost to go to school is getting out of hand. Can get the same level of education going to UTA.
  2. Not sure this particular increase at this particular time marks the end, but I’ve been telling people for years this was putting us at a disadvantage.... so yeah it’s not good. Need NCAA to raise scholarship limits, which seems unlikely anytime soon .

    And it’s not just baseball, it’s any sport that doesn’t get a full allotment that will suffer.
  3. This is simply incorrect.
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  4. College is about more than the education.
  5. So it was this last 4% that tipped the scales? I understand what you are trying to say but the program has been fine to this point. I truly doubt this is the final straw. At some point it needs to be fixed though. When the recruiting classes suffer we will know we’ve reached that point.
  6. At a recent Clark Society meeting we were told that the university's current endowment is $1.7 billion.

    In October, a new drive was started to increase the current endowment by an additional $1. billion and

    that over $700,000 of the goal amount had already been raised. The ultimate goal is to have the university's

    endowment at $3. billion dollars. Accuracy??
  7. They will raise it until the market won't pay anymore. Inflation has been running around 2% annually and we exceed that amount every year easily. There is no police, so keep raising it.
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  8. Correct, they are trying to keep costs down to avoid being a rich only school. SMU has the largest in state tuition I’m told, but they also have the best fundraising team in the state.
  9. As in .07% ?

    Deep has a long way to go.
  10. Absolutely, one has to also consider the relative hotness of each respective school's coeds
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  11. Recruiting is already suffering. There are a very large number of kids that we simply have ZERO shot at due to cost. Suffering probably isn’t the right word, but it’s a big deal.
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  12. Hey Bo Bo, ...put your big boy pants on and manage the situation to keep from raising tuition every single year! I don't care if the students supposedly 'want more food options" or a bigger this or bigger that....give a solid choice of things for a competitive price from vendors and the students will adjust to management, not the reverse. It is out of control up there. We need competent management to step up.
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  13. It’s well past time for the NCAA to rework scholarships in sports that aren’t football.
  14. More than 11 schollies would be one answer-- I cannot understand the NCAA's position on this.
    Seems it would be fair to all schools, but something else I don't know must be at play.
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  15. SMU does not have the largest endowment in the state.

    Also, if we can grow ours large enough the baseball players would qualify for need based scholarships as well. This is how Vanderbilt built their program.
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  16. As university endowments keep going up and up. Student in this country keeps going up and up.

    I see the size of these university’s endowments, and yet me, the tax payer, has to pay off the student debt. Just odd (not really odd....sarcasm font).

    (Sorry for the horrible double entendres throughout this post. Was posted in all seriousness).
  17. why do you think some of the schools with the biggest endowments are now doing the full tuition?

    members of congress have already mentioned multiple times why the schools are sitting on all the money and deserve the tax shelter
  18. Yeah, you're right. College is about having fun for four or five years. And if you can get a degree thrown in along with it, that's even better.

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